A Max Lucado Children's Treasury: A Child's First Collection

(ePUB - Oct 2007)
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This beautiful collection of Max Lucado's best-selling children's picture books includes: The Crippled Lamb -- This touching tale helps children see that even though they are different, God has a unique plan for their lives. Just in Case You Ever Wonder -- An endearing story that illustrates a parent's love for their child. The Way Home: A Princess Story -- A powerful story that will speak to all the King's children about a parent's sacrifice and the path that leads home. Jacob's Gift -- A timeless reminder demonstrating how when you give a gift to one of God's children, you give a gift to Him.


  • SKU: 2370003869835
  • Title: A Max Lucado Children's Treasury: A Child's First Collection
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Release Date: Oct 09, 2007
  • Pages: 144
  • Category: PICTURE BOOKS
  • Subject: Religious - Christian - General