A Survey of the Old Testament (Study Guide)

(Paperback - Jun 2007)
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Students of the Old Testament may not know everything they need to know, but they do know there s a lot they need to know Whether studying for exams or delving into Old Testament Scripture, students need critical information at their fingertips. Instead, it s usually scattered throughout textbooks, self-made crib sheets, and sticky-notes on their computer monitor. Now there s a better way The Zondervan Get an A Study Guides to A Survey of the Old Testament is a handy, at-a-glance study aid ideal for last minute review, a quick overview of the textbook, or as an aid in Old Testament study. This set contains six information-packed sheets that are laminated and three-hole-punched, making them both durable and portable. The study guide is tied to A Survey of the Old Testament by Andrew Hill and John Walton."


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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One


A. Maps of Israel and Ancient Near East

B. Hebrew Language and Writing

Hebrew is a Semitic language and is related to many of the languages that were used in the ancient world. Unlike Akkadian cuneiform, it is alphabetic rather than syllabic (i.e., each sign is a letter rather than a syllable). It is written from right to left using only consonants. A system of marks above and below the consonants was developed during the first millennium AD to fill in vowels and thus preserve the pronunciation of what was at that time a dying language.

C. Ten Key Bridges to the Ancient Near East

* Enuma Elish-Babylonian praise hymn to their chief God, recounting his ascension to the head of the pantheon. Dates to about 1200 BC and contains an account of creation

* Gilgamesh-Epic from second millennium BC that records the exploits of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, and his companion, Enkidu, and ultimately the king's search for immortality. Includes an account of a devastating flood that destroyed humanity

* Treaty/Covenant-Hittite treaties from second millennium BC and Assyrian treaties from first millennium that use a literary format similar to that which the Old Testament uses for the covenant

* Ugaritic Texts-Archive from 13th century BC that provides literary texts that would have been familiar to the Canaanites of the Judges period

* Sumerian Proverbs-Several collections of proverbial sayings that date back to a millennium before Solomon and often deal with topics similar to biblical Proverbs

* Egyptian Instructions-Wisdom literature offered as instruction from a father to his son to prepare him for life and often for rule

* Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions-Record of the activities of the Assyrian kings that provides many details illuminating the Old Testament historical context

* Atrahasis Epic-Akkadian text from early in second millennium BC that has an account of creation, followed by population growth and then a flood that destroys the human race



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