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Knowledge is power, girlfriend. One day you were a happy-go-lucky kid, and the next wham Your emotions are out of control, hair is growing where it never dared grow before, and your best friend whispers to you in gym class that you need to start wearing some kind of torture contraption she calls a bra. What is going on? Body Talk gives you the information you need on all the really weird body stuff and shows you how all this weird stuff is actually part of God s plan for the beautiful, confident, grown-up you "


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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One


Courtney Pickett stuck her face into the Doritos bag. It wasn't because she was a freak for chips. She just didn't want anybody else at the slumber party to see that she clearly had no clue what they were talking about.

"Getting your period is, like, way painful," Anna Adams said.

What "period" did she mean? Surely not the kind at the end of a sentence .

"Have you gotten yours?" Kayla Cartwright said.

Anna shook her head. "No. I only just started wearing a bra a month ago."

A bra? What for? Courtney snuck a peek at Anna from over the top of the chip bag. Holy smoke! She did have breasts. Where had those come from?

"Yeah, well, look what I started doing." Sydney Shaw pulled up her pajama leg and exposed her calf.

"Dude-you shave your legs?" Kayla said.

Now that could be painful.

"Armpits too," Sydney said.

Sydney shrugged as if it were no big deal, but Kayla and Anna nodded, wide-eyed, as if Sydney had just aged five years and yet was still gracing them with her presence.

What happened to the stuff we used to talk about at our sleepovers? Dolls and stickers and the best way to surprise a creepy boy with a water balloon. Since when had periods-whatever they were-and bras and body shaving become the main topics of conversation?

"Hey," Courtney said.

Her friends managed to drag their gazes away from Sydney's naked leg. Courtney held up a bag of Peanut M&Ms.

"Anybody want some candy?"

"No way," Anna said. "I'm feeling, like, totally fat. I'm on a diet."

"You're a stick!" Courtney said.

"Hello! Look at this." Anna pinched at the skin at her waist. Courtney didn't know what she was supposed to be seeing.

"I'm not having any either," Kayla said, waving off the candy bag. "Boys don't like fat girls."

"Who cares?" Courtney wanted to say. But Sydney shook her head at the Peanut M&Ms and patted her own rear, which evidently explained everything to Kayla and Anna, because they nodded solemnly.

Courtney popped a handful of candy into her mouth and wondered, What is happening here?

What indeed? Courtney consumed the entire bag of Peanut M&Ms herself, while, far into the night, her friends discussed cramps and bra styles and the best way to lose ten pounds in a day. When she got home the next morning, Courtney went straight to the full-length mirror.

Wow. It was true.

She was getting hair where she'd never had it before.

She did have little breasts budding from her chest.

Her hips were definitely wider than they had been the last time she'd looked at them . which was when, exactly?

The truth was, she'd never spent much time gazing at her own body. But she knew none of this stuff had ever been there before. And what was that smell?

Courtney sniffed at her armpit and wrinkled her nose.


And this probably wasn't even the worst of it. She'd gathered from last night's discussion-while she was sorting the M&Ms by color-that someday soon she was going to get the dreaded "period." She still didn't know exactly what it was, but it couldn't be good. Not if it involved embarrassment and cramps and all the other stuff her friends had described-based on what had been described to them. Courtney's reflection in the mirror blurred as tears came that she couldn't explain. She didn't usually cry, but this was huge. She was transforming into somebody else right before her eyes-and she didn't know what to do about it.

now what?

You might be a little better informed than Courtney about the changes that are happening to your body or will be happening in the near future. But there's a lot to know about this young woman that you're becoming, and this book is here to help you

understand what's going on inside the little-girl body that's changing into a mini-woman body;

learn to love it;

take super-good care of it;

avoid bullying it; and

become God-confident that it's the best body for you and your life.

But we can't leave Courtney crying in front of the mirror because she thinks she's turning into an alien. If you were there, standing behind Courtney and looking at her reflection with her, what would you say? Is there advice you'd give her? Or would you just hand her another bag of M&Ms because you feel the same way yourself, and you don't know what to do either?

Whatever you want to tell our Courtney, write it in the space below. There are no right or wrong answers, so be honest. If, as you read the rest of this book, you discover something that makes you change your mind about how to encourage Courtney, you'll have a chance to "talk" to her again in the last chapter.

Dear Courtney . __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Here's the Deal

Take a look around at your girl classmates at school, your Sunday school girlfriends, or your sports teammates. Do you see any two bodies that are exactly alike? No way, because absolutely every girl's body is different.

There's one way that they're identical, though, and that's in the fact that between the ages of eight and thirteen, female bodies go through more changes than at any other time in their lives (even more than in the first year when you went from wrinkled and chinless to dimple-kneed and adorable in just twelve months). All girls go through puberty, when they transform from flat-chested and smooth-as-pears to miniature women with


new hair under the arms and in the pubic area (y'know, between your legs);

thicker, coarser hair, on the legs especially;

sweat that has a less-than-lovely odor;

wider hips; and

taller, maybe even heftier, bodies.

You may ask, "And this happens because .?"

Every female's body is designed to automatically start producing two new hormones some time in the tween years (though later for some girls). Those are estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen causes all of the above. Progesterone, with some help from estrogen, causes and controls menstrual periods, which happen once a month. More on those later.

As if it weren't enough for all that to be going on, the arrival of these new hormones also leads to some emotional changes.

Mood swings: You've got the giggles one minute, and the next you're crying, all for no apparent reason. Your body is suddenly a stranger to you, and it's out of control!

Changes in your attitude about boys: Where once you were convinced they were all possessed by demons, or at the very least had cooties, you find yourself wanting to look cute for them. Or you secretly enjoy it when the one least likely to actually have coo-ties unties your tennis shoe for the forty-third time.

Whew. Isn't it good to know you're normal?

That Is So Me!

Not everybody experiences puberty at the same time in their lives or in exactly the same way-which takes us back to the fact that God made everyone unique. The following quiz will show you where you are on the changing-into-a-woman journey. As you take the quiz, remember that you aren't "behind" or "ahead" of anybody else. You're right where YOU are supposed to be.

Which of these descriptions sounds MOST like your body right now? Not everything will match you exactly, of course, so pick the one that's closest.

Girl One: No hair has shown up yet in her armpits or between her legs (pubic area). There don't appear to be any breasts in her immediate future, and her waistline is the same as it always was. Her hips haven't changed either. As for the hair on her legs, she doesn't really see much. There's never anything on her underwear when she takes her panties off.

Girl Two: She's noticed some hair sprouting in her armpits and pubic area, and the hair on her legs has gotten thicker and coarser than it used to be. She may or may not be wearing a bra yet, but she does have little raised bumps or pointy little mounds that will someday be breasts. Her waist feels kind of thick, and her hips have spread so that sometimes she feels, well, fat. What's really different is that when she takes off her underwear, there's sometimes thick, clear stuff on them, or maybe a brownish stain.

Girl Three: She's had hair in her armpits and pubic area for a couple of months or more, and she's thinking she might want to shave her legs (if she isn't doing it already). She definitely has breasts which are round and pretty full, and maybe the area around her nipples has gotten darker. She actually has a real waist now, and it feels like her hips are finally in proportion to the rest of her body. Sometimes she discovers blood spots on her underwear; she might even be having periods.

What does that all mean?

If you're like girl one, you haven't started puberty yet. Remember that no matter how old you are, that's perfectly normal. Reading this book will help you be ready when it does happen-and then you can enjoy the fun parts more.

If you're like girl two, you're already in puberty, even though you haven't started your period yet. This stage is where most of the surprises happen, so reading this book can be way helpful in walking you through those. It can even be fun.

If you're like girl three, you're well on your way to young woman- hood. In fact, you're probably getting used to the whole idea. Keep reading. This book will help you be the queen of your own body.

Here's the Deal

One more time, remember this: Whether you are girl one, two, or three, you are right where you're supposed to be right now! If other girls tease you because you need a bra about as much as you need dentures, or because you have more curves than a mountain road, they're showing their fears about their own bodies. Hang in there-you'll all be mature women some day.

Every girl experiences the same changes, but they can happen in different ways. All of these ways are perfectly normal.

Girls of different ethnic backgrounds start puberty at different times. For instance, the average African-American girl begins puberty just before the age of nine. The average white girl starts right before the age of ten. And remember, not everyone is "average."

Pubic hair comes in all different thicknesses and colors and grows at different rates. One of the first signs of puberty, pubic hair starts as straight, light-colored, fine hairs and grows in stages to the final darker and coarser curly hairs. Some of that depends on cultural background too. Asian girls, for instance, seem to have less pubic hair than other girls.

The "puberty growth spurt" starts at different ages for different girls. For some girls it seems to happen in a big way, while for others it isn't as dramatic. In this two- to four-year time period, girls put on weight and grow taller at a faster rate (as much as four inches a year) than before (two inches a year on average). The growth rate slows down by the time girls have their first period. Most girls reach their adult height one to three years after their first period. That adds up to about nine inches during the puberty growth spurt, but, again, some grow more and some grow less. It's all good!

Your face will probably change some during puberty too. The lower part gets longer and your chin juts out more. Your forehead gets wider. You'll actually start looking more like an adult than a kid, which is, of course, cool. Some girls' faces get sharper and more chiseled, and others' faces get fuller and more luscious. If it seems like your face is staying its little-girl self, that's okay too. There is nothing wrong with having a young-looking face.

One of the most bizarre things about puberty is that the bones in your feet start to grow before other bones. That means your feet will reach their adult size before the rest of you does. Since everybody won't end up being the same height, everybody's feet aren't going to be the same size now either. Forget about comparing shoe sizes or worrying that you're going to feel like Ronald McDonald for the rest of your life. It will all balance out before you stop growing.

Then, of course, there are your hips. During the growth spurt, your pelvic bones grow, and fat grows around them-giving you hips. They make your waist seem smaller, and when your breasts develop-ta da!-you have curves. The thing is, there are basically three different body types for those curves to grow into. You're born with a body type already programmed in to develop during puberty:

Endomorph: round body with soft curves and a little more body fat (which is NOT a bad thing!)

Ectomorph: slim body with fewer curves and more angles (not a bad thing either!)

Mesomorph: muscular body with wide shoulders and slim hips (just as girl-like as the other body types!)

Since your body type is part of the You package you came with, there is no reason to compare it to other girls' body types and every reason to love it as it is. Besides, the weight spurt and the growth spurt don't always happen at the same time. It's more like a seesaw: for a while you're adding pounds faster than you're adding inches; then for a while you're gaining inches faster than you're gaining pounds. Everybody's seesaw is moving at a different, personal rate, so there's no need to get hung up on feeling fat or thinking you're scrawny next to your friends. As long as you're healthy, let it be. You're growing into a specially made You.

Does it seem like your moods are always out of sync with your friends' moods? Do you sometimes feel like letting it all hang out in silliness, while one of your friends is stuck in a funk-or the other way around? Many of the roller-coaster rides your moods and feelings take during puberty are caused by the new hormones your body is producing. Hormones are way powerful, and they definitely affect emotions. Some girls (and some grown-up women) are really jolted around emotionally by their hormones, and others seem to ride right over them. It takes awhile for your body to adjust to those hormonal changes, so hang in there, and for heaven's sake don't think you're a total drama queen next to your best friend who never sheds a tear. Just how your moods bounce around-or don't bounce around-depends partly on the way you've always reacted to the things that happen around you. If you were born a sensitive baby, you're probably going to be extra sensitive during puberty. If you've been a little toughie from birth, you'll more than likely be a little short-tempered in your puberty years-perhaps more rebellious than your weepier friends. If you've been laid back since day one, that will probably continue. Basically, who you are emotionally will seem to be magnified about a jillion times.


By this time, you might be wondering what you're going to do with all these changes. It can be confusing, weird-and downright scary! It's a good thing you don't have to go it alone. You've got God, who designed the whole process in the first place. Even if you don't particularly feel like thanking God for that right now, take a look at the help God offers:

God wants you to become a woman. And not just any woman, but one different from all others.

God knows how strange and frustrating and often embarrassing and sometimes even painful the process of becoming a woman can be. God understands that it's a big deal. He's been hearing about it forever.

God listens to you when you have complaints and doubts and fears about this whole puberty thing. After all, God even says there's nothing too small to pray about.



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