Busqueda de La Voluntad de Dios NBS

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Before we were saved, we did everything according to our own will. At that time we served ourselves and did everything to please ourselves. We would do anything as long as it pleased us or made us happy. However, now we have believed in the Lord and have accepted Christ Jesus as our Savior. We have acknowledged Him as our Master, the One whom we serve. We have acknowledged that He has redeemed us. We belong to Him and are of Him, and we are here to serve Him. For this reason, we need a fundamental change. We no longer should walk according to our preference; we must walk according to God's will. After we believe in the Lord, the focus of our living changes. The focus is no longer ourselves, but the Lord. The first thing we should do after we are saved is ask, "What shall I do, Lord?" Paul asked this question in Acts 22:10, and we should ask the same question. Whenever we come across a situation, we should say, "Lord, not as I will, but as You will." In making decisions or in choosing our paths, we should always say to the Lord, "Not as I will, but as You will."


  • SKU: 9780736301350
  • SKU10: 0736301356
  • Title: Busqueda de La Voluntad de Dios NBS
  • Series: Seeking God's Will
  • Publisher: Living Stream Ministry
  • Date Published: May 1998
  • Language: Spanish
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  • Dimensions: 8.51" L x 5.50" W x 0.10" H
  • Themes: Theometrics | Evangelical;
  • Category: SPANISH
  • Subject: Christian Life - General