Cashing It In: Getting Ready For A World Without Money

(ePUB - Jul 2005)
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What are the chances that a totally cashless society will exist in our lifetime? Ethan Pope believes it is possible. With the many implications that this could have on daily life and commerce, it is imperative for Christians to be prepared. The world of finances has changed dramatically over the past decade, with everything from online banking and bill payment to the quick availability of online goods. Even many churches and non-profit organizations offer an auto-withdrawal option for planned giving. Large companies are now placing RFID (radio frequency identification) tags on products for market research. In a very real sense, we sacrifice personal privacy for convenience. Pope explores such issues as what the Bible may indicate about the end times and a cashless society, and gives balanced and cogent direction for Christians who desire to be wise stewards of their resources.


  • SKU: 9781575676524
  • SKU10: 1575676524
  • Title: Cashing It In: Getting Ready For A World Without Money
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Release Date: Jul 01, 2005
  • Pages: 176
  • Subject: Christian Life - Inspirational