Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God

(ePUB - Apr 2011)
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With the same passionate scholarship and analytical audacity he brought to his Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller God: A Biography, Jack Miles now approaches the character of Jesus.

This is the story of a broken promise -- God's ancient covenant with Israel -- and of its strange, unexpected fulfillment. For, having abandoned his chosen people, God, in the person of Jesus, chooses what is effectively an act of divine suicide. On the basis of this shocking argument, Miles compels us to reassess Christ's entire life and teaching. Combining a close reading of the Gospels with a range of reference that includes Donne, Nietzsche, and Elie Wiesel, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God is a work of magnificent eloquence and imagination.


  • SKU: 9780307789105
  • SKU10: 0307789101
  • Title: Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God
  • Publisher: Vintage
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2011
  • Pages: 368
  • Subject: Biblical Biography - New Testament