Digging Up the Past: Genesis, Chapters 3-11

Digging Up the Past: Genesis, Chapters 3-11

(Paperback - Nov 2001)
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Kids join inductive detectives Max and Molly and archaeologist Uncle Jake on a treasure hunt for truth. They'll uncover how God deals with sin, why God flooded the earth, where the different nations and languages came from, and what God's plan is for saving people.


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  • Title: Digging Up the Past: Genesis, Chapters 3-11
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Week 1
Back At The Campsite
Genesis 1-11

Whew, what a race! We could sure use an ice-cold lemonade. How about you? Let’s hurry and unpack your gear, then we can get something to drink on our way to the main campsite. We need to meet Uncle Jake and the dig team for a very important meeting so we can get started digging up more truths in Genesis.

Day 1
Meeting with the Team

“Hey, guys, I see you’re ready to get started,” said Uncle Jake as we walked up to the main campsite. “Let’s start by talking with our ‘site boss.’ ”

Do you remember WHO our “site boss” is? That’s right— it’s God! Remember, we can’t do anything without God’s help. We need His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth so that we will understand the things we discover in His Word and how He wants us to apply those truths to our lives. So before we do anything else, we need to go to God in prayer. Then we need to remember to pray first thing every day before we start our work at the dig site.

Now that we have prayed, we’re ready to go. Do you remember how we began our dig in Genesis Part One? We started by getting some pictures of the site through doing an overview on the first five chapters of Genesis. An overview helps us see the context of the book we are studying.

Context is the setting in which something is found. This is important not only in Bible study, but in archaeology also. Context is a combination of two words: con which means “with,” and text which means “what is written.” So when you look for context in the Bible, you look at the verses and chapters surrounding the passage you are studying.

Context also includes:

  • The place where something happens. (This is geographical context, like the Fertile Crescent and not the United States and Canada.)
  • The time in history an event happens. (This is historical context, such as the time before Noah and the flood or the time after the flood.)
  • The customs of a group of people. (This is cultural context. For instance, in Bible times people lived in tents like Abraham. Abraham was a very rich man who lived in tents instead of in a house. Also, they wore tunics and not blue jeans or khakis.)
  • We discover context by observation. We begin by looking at the things that are obvious (those are the things that are the easiest to see). In the Bible the three easiest things to see are always:
  1. people (WHO?)
  2. places (WHERE?)
  3. events (WHAT?)

Let’s get started on our overview. Ben, our site artist, is going to help us uncover the main event in Genesis 3. The first thing we need to do is look at our Observation Worksheets. We need to read Genesis 3, on page 192, and look for what is most obvious, the easiest thing to see. Ask yourself: WHAT is happening in this chapter? Then write a title for the main event on the line under the box below. A title is a very brief description that tells what the main event is. A title should:

  1. be as short as possible
  2. describe the main thing the chapter is about
  3. if possible, use words you find in the chapter instead of your own words
  4. be easy to remember
  5. be different from the other titles so that you can tell them apart
  6. Then after you have read the chapter and discovered the main event of Genesis 3, draw it on our sketch pad in the box below.

Genesis 3: ______________________________________________________

All right! Now before we head to the mess tent, let’s review a skill we learned in Genesis Part One that could be very important on our dig. Let’s practice our hieroglyphic decoding skills by uncovering our memory verse. Find the word that matches the drawing by looking at our hieroglyphic code box. Then write the word that matches the picture on the blanks underneath the symbols.

Genesis 2: ______________________________________________________

Now write your memory verse on an index card and practice saying it aloud three times in a row, three times today. Way to go!

Day 2
Sketching the Main Events

Hey, wake up, sleepyhead! It’s time for breakfast, and we have a lot to discover today. Ben, our site artist, wants us to head over to his tent as soon as we finish eating so we can uncover the main events in Genesis 4 and 5.

“Come on in, guys,” Ben called out as we approached the opening of his tent. “I was just gathering up our sketch pads and pencils so we can take our gear and go sit by the stream while we do our research today.”

“That’s a great idea,” Max said. Ben handed Max and Molly their sketch pads as they walked to the stream and sat next to the water.

“Okay, Max,” questioned Ben, “tell me: What should we do first?”

“Pray!” said Max. “Good! Why don’t you lead us in prayer, Max, and then we will be ready to head to Genesis 4.”

Okay, junior archaeologists, turn to page 195 and read Genesis 4. Then sketch the main event in the box below and put the title for the event on the line under the box.

Genesis 4: _____________________________________________

Very artistic! Now let’s do it one more time for Genesis 5. Read Genesis 5, then sketch the main event in the box below and give it a title.

Genesis 5: _____________________________________________

Awesome! Now practice saying your memory verse three times today.

Day 3
More Sketches

“I like working on these sketches, Max. Maybe I’ll be a site artist like Ben when I finish school.”

“That would be really cool, Molly. Your drawings are really good!”

“Thanks, Max. We better hurry. Ben will be waiting for us at the stream, and I can’t wait to get started on Genesis 6.”

“Okay, Molly. Let me find Sam’s leash. Uh-oh, where’s Sam?”

“Oh no, Max! Don’t tell me he’s loose. There’s no telling what he’ll be into next.”

“Why don’t you head to the stream, Molly, and tell Ben I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’ll go check out the mess tent. Sam’s probably begging Mr. Jim for some bacon. You know how Sam loves bacon!”

“Okay, Max. See you in a little while.” “Hi, Ben,” Molly called out.

“Hi, Molly. Where are Max and Sam?” “Sam’s loose again. Max will catch up as soon as he tracks down Sam.”

“Okay, Molly. Let’s spend some time with our ‘site boss,’ and then we can get started on Genesis 6.”

Turn to page 201 of your Observation Worksheets and read Genesis 6. After you finish reading, draw the main event in the box. Make up a title and place it on the line underneath.

Genesis 6: _____________________________________________

Now let’s do the same thing by reading Genesis 7 and sketching it out in the box below. Then add a title.

Genesis 7: _____________________________________________

Magnificent! Uh-oh, clear a path. Here come Max and Sam. “Hold tight, Max,” yelled Molly. “Watch out! He’s headed for the stream.” SPLASH! Molly’s warning came at the moment Sam yanked free and landed in the water.

“Quit laughing, Molly. You, too, Ben! Help me get this crazy dog out of the water. Sam, you are in big-time trouble!”

Why don’t you help Max, Molly, and Ben coax Sam out of the water, and we’ll see you back at the campsite. Don’t forget to practice your memory verse!

Day 4
Back to the Drawing Board

“Quit laughing, Molly! It wasn’t that funny."

“But it was, Max. You should have seen yourself holding on to Sam’s leash with all your might and Sam flying across the ground at a breakneck pace. It was hilarious. I just can’t get it out of my mind.”

“How would you like being on the other end of that leash? I’ll let you take Sam on his next trip to the stream.”

“No way, Max. Remember, he’s your dog."

“Okay, guys,” laughed Ben. “We better get to work. We only have four more sketches to go.”

What’s next, junior archaeologists? What is the first thing we need to do? P __ __ y. Good for you. You’ve got it down.

Turn to your Observation Worksheets and read Genesis 8. Sketch the main event in Genesis 8 below and then add a title.

Genesis 8: _____________________________________________

Now read Genesis 9 and sketch out the main event and write a title.

Genesis 9: _____________________________________________

Terrific! Hang in there—only two more sketches and we will be ready to dig!

Day 5
The Final Sketches

“Good morning, guys,” called Uncle Jake. “Ben tells me the sketches are almost finished. Once they’re finished we’ll be ready to lay out our dig.”

“We only have two more to go, Uncle Jake,” said Molly. Okay, junior archaeologists, are you ready for our last day of sketching the big picture? After you have spent some time with the “site boss,” read Genesis 10. Draw the main event in the box and give the chapter a title.

Genesis 10: _____________________________________________

Now one more chapter and our sketches will be complete. Read Genesis 11. Draw your last sketch and give it a title.

Genesis 11: _____________________________________________

Excellent work! Uncle Jake is impressed! Maybe you will want to be a site artist one day.

Now before we head to the campfire, we need to look at all we have discovered this week.

Let’s review Genesis chapters 1–11. Did you know we can divide these 11 chapters up to show four different events that are very important? Let’s see if we can figure out WHAT those four events are by looking back at our sketches.

WHAT is the main event in Genesis chapters 1 and 2? (We did this in Genesis Part One.)

the C ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ n

WHAT is the event we see in Genesis chapters 3–5 when Adam and Eve disobey God and sin enters the world? Unscramble the word in the parentheses and place it on the blanks. the ___ ___ ___ ___ of man (alfl)

WHAT is the event in Genesis chapters 6–9? the f __ __ __d

WHAT is the event in Genesis chapters 10–11? Unscramble the word in parentheses and place it on the blanks. the n ___ t ___ ___ ___ s (atnoins)

Isn’t that awesome? You have uncovered the four major events that take place in Genesis 1–11. This is a great way to remember what happens in the first part of the Book of Genesis.

Now here are a few motions to help you remember these four events. Take your hand and place it under your chin and speak. This represents Creation because God said it, and it was created.

Now act like you are about to stumble as you walk. This represents the fall of man.

Third, take your hands and pretend the waters are rising. Move your hands up slowly and raise them over your head saying, “Blub, blub, blub.” This represents the flood.

And for the last part of Genesis 1–11, take your left hand and place it out to the side, palm up, and say, “Shem.” Do the same thing with your right hand and say, “Ham.” Nod your head forward and say, “Japheth.” These are the nations.

Now practice this until you can say all four of these events from memory:

Genesis 1–2 Creation,

Genesis 3–5 The Fall,

Genesis 6–9 The Flood,

and Genesis 10–11 The Nations.

Then show it to a friend or a grown-up. And don’t forget to say your memory verse to someone this week, too.


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