Evolving Dialogue: Theological and Scientific Perspectives on Evolution

(Paperback - Jul 2001)
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Over the past four years, the religious and scientific debate about evolution has grown livelier and more visible to the public eye. In 1996, Pope John Paul II startled many religious laypeople by declaring that "evolution is more than a hypothesis." Three years later, the Kansas Board of Education acted to eliminate the teaching of evolution from the science education standards for its public schools. In An Evolving Dialogue, editor James Miller and some of today's best-known biologists and theologians explore what the debate is all about. This volume is a multidisciplinary educational resource for college, university, and theological seminary educational settings, that presents a basic introduction to contemporary evolutionary biology, and historical and philosophical perspectives on the relationship between evolutionary biology and religious thought. Finally, An Evolving Dialogue demonstrates that there can and must be constructive engagement between evolutionary biology and religious and ethical reflection. Contributors to the volume include: Francisco J. Ayala (University of California-Irvine); Mark Ridley (Oxford University); Charles R. Marshall (Harvard University); Douglas J. Futuyama (SUNY-Stony Brook); David Sloan Wilson (SUNY-Binghamton); Freeman J. Dyson (Princeton University); Stephen Jay Gould (Harvard University); Niles Eldredge (American Museum of Natural History); Ledyard Stebbins (late of University of California-Davis); Ian Tattersall (American Museum of Natural History); Ernst Mayr (Harvard University); John R. Durant (Imperial College, London); Ronald L. Numbers (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Ursula Goodenough (Washington University); John Haught (Georgetown University); Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J. (Fordham University); Arthur R. Peacocke (Oxford University); Philip Hefner (Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago); Stephen J. Pope (Boston College); Michael Behe (Lehigh University); William Dembski (Baylor University); Raymond E. Grizzle (University of New Hampshire); Charles Marshall (Harvard University); Elliot Sober (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Kenneth Miller (Brown University) For: Undergraduates; seminarians and graduate students; theologians; scientists>


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  • Title: Evolving Dialogue: Theological and Scientific Perspectives on Evolution
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