From Circumcision to Paul: The Prehistory of the Catholic Church

(ePUB - Jul 2012)
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This book advances a provocative new theory of the Dark Ages. Far from being the home of the apostles, the Catholic Church is shown to be the direct offspring of the false apostles, the oldest heresy of Christianity. We can read about their formative years in the pages of the New Testament. The Circumcision Party, as Paul called them, were bitterly opposed to Gentile believers living outside the bounds of Torah. Fusing Jewish legalism to a Christian core, the proto-Catholics practiced circumcision, and fasting, observed the passover; and formulated a Christian liturgy based upon the Eighteen Benedictions.

From Circumcision to Paul goes on to document the first great reformation of the Church Universal. The catalyst for this revolution was the Word of God. Marcion of Pontus kindled the fires of reform when he carried a stack of Paul's epistles to Rome around A.D. 140. The rest of the New Testament books trickled in; reshaping their doctrine and dogmas, and the modern Church was born.


  • SKU: 2370004506166
  • Title: From Circumcision to Paul: The Prehistory of the Catholic Church
  • Publisher: WinePress Publishing
  • Release Date: Jul 10, 2012
  • Pages: 212
  • Category: CHURCH HISTORY
  • Subject: Christian Church - History