Go Fish: Because of What's on the Line

(DVD - Dec 2005)
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Tell Faith-Filled Fish Tales
We've all heard them. "It was this big." "You should have seen the one that got away." People love to tell stories of their fishing adventures. When it comes to faith, however, most people clam up. Why is it we can't talk about what God has done in our life as naturally as we can spin fishing tales? This six-part DVD explores the motivation behind sharing our faith and how it can become a natural part of our lives. Its companion study guide is complete with a leader's guide and six lessons, including conversation-starting exercises, discussion questions, and application steps.
Fishing stories. We've all heard them. "It was this big." "You should have seen the one that got away." People love to tell stories of their fishing adventures. When it comes to faith, however, most people clam up. Why is it we can't talk about what God has done in our lives as naturally as we can spin fishing tales?
In this six-part DVD, Andy Stanley explores the motivation behind sharing your faith and how it can become a natural part of your life. Sessions include:
Part 1: We Were All Fish Once
The foundation of our call to be "fishers of men" is the perspective that we too were once in a position of needing to hear the good news about Jesus. Recalling our own need helps us grasp the importance of answering God's call to "go fish."
Part 2: Why Fish?
In our culture, there are so many reasons not to fish that it is important to recall why we need to fish. This message explains that Christianity is based on historical events that must be reported in order to be realized; moreover, Christianity is too counterintuitive to be recognized without help. Unless we tell others about Jesus, they'll never know.
Part 3: Fish Guts
Sometimes our fears keep us from sharing the message of Christ with those who have never heard. We must remember that God is in control, and we have been invited to participate in what He is up to. If we are to be fishers of men, we must ask God to enable us to have the courage to say something when an opportunity to share His love is given to us.
Part 4: Fishing Buddies
What's the relationship between building the church and being a fisher of men? Fishing was never intended to be a solo mission. The church was meant to partner with us in the fishing process.
Part 5: Muddy Water
Unless we are able to articulate the message of Jesus clearly and effectively, our efforts to be fishers of men will be hindered. Surprisingly few Christians are skilled at making a simple presentation of the gospel. Often, we overcomplicate it. Learn a simple presentation of the gospel that you can easily share with others.
Part 6: The One That Got Away
It is easy to become consumed in our Christian world and forget about those who don't know God. It is our responsibility to go back to those people and share what we've discovered.
Story Behind the Book
Andy Stanley, senior pastor of three North Point Ministries campuses, with a cumulative congregation of more than twenty thousand, has had countless conversations with everyday Christians who struggle to share their faith with confidence and ease. Though not everyone has "the gift," evangelism is something we're each called to. This curriculum was designed to take the fear out of sharing the good news of Christ, and to help you talk about it as naturally as you would that exciting fishing trip last weekend


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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

We Were All Fish Once

When Jesus called His first followers, He had very clear intentions: "I will make you fishers of men." He didn't mention refining their characters, making them better people, or even saving them from their sins-although He did those things too. But of all the things He could have emphasized, Jesus announced that His primary agenda for those who follow Him is to use them to introduce others to their loving heavenly Father. It was true in Jesus' time. And it's still true today.

But that can be intimidating . How do you do it? What do you say? And what if they don't want to hear it? In this session, we'll reveal an important perspective that cuts through all the obstacles that keep Christians from fishing for men. From this refreshing point of view, you will experience a natural motivation to get in on this part of God's agenda for the world. And along the way, we'll see how God has placed each of us in the perfect place to follow Him and become fishers of men.


God's desire is to take our lives on this earth and leverage them for eternal value by using us to introduce His children to everlasting life. Nevertheless, most of our prayers center around the things of this temporary world. In the space below, list some of the subjects that are most predominant in your prayer life.

Based on the subjects you listed, approximately what percentage of your prayer time is devoted to eternal things like fishing for men?


From the video message, fill in the blanks:

1. Most people become Christians for purely __________ motives.

2. The first disciples followed Jesus because of what He did for __________.

3. God wants to lead us to become fishers of __________.


______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________


Take a few moments to discuss your answers to these questions with the group.

1. What are the agendas of most people who become Christians?

2. Why do you think the disciples first wanted to follow Jesus?

3. According to Jesus, what is His agenda for His followers?

4. What obstacles keep you from being a fisher of men?

5. Talk about the person who was key in you becoming a Christian.

6. Who is someone that God has perfectly positioned you to influence?


* Often, people's initial motives for following Christ are selfish ones.

* Jesus promised to make His followers into fishers of men.

* Every follower is a prime candidate to fish for men.


This week, write a brief thank-you letter to the person or people who took the time to make sure you understood the gospel message of salvation and the invitation to enter into a relationship with God through Christ. You do not have to send the letter in order to complete this assignment.


Thinking about the person who introduced you to Christ, what unique platform did that person occupy in your life that enabled him or her to be heard by you?

What unique platform(s) do you occupy that God might want to use to make Himself known to the nonbelievers in your world?


As you meditate on God's Word, it becomes easier to envision His agenda of making us fishers of men.

"'Come, follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will make you fishers of men.'" Mark 1:17

Last week .

In the last session we saw that Jesus had one clear goal in mind for His followers. It wasn't just to make them more holy or more disciplined or more loving. He promised to make them "fishers of men." And as we saw, He has the same agenda for us today when we decide to follow Him.



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