God Can Not Be Trusted: And Five Other Lies of Satan

(Hardback - 2005)
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Does God "Really "Have Your Best Interest at Heart?
Doubting His holiness? Thinking maybe you shouldn't "completely" surrender to Him, that you're better off in charge of your own life? Well, say hello to the father of these lies: Satan. He's an old pro using the same brilliant, deceptive tactics to harm you every time--unless you dare call his bluff and refuse to ever be his victim again. In "God Can Not Be Trusted (and Five Other Lies of Satan), " you'll discover how to recognize the devil's six ancient tactics, and claim victory over each one. Your only hope is in the power of Jesus Christ. Because only Christ can conquer Satan. He already has. So flood your mind with truth, and begin to see the lies for what they are. You'll never be duped by them again, free to live abundantly in light of God's truth
Have You Been Fooled?
"God must be out to get me. "
"I'm better off doing my own thing. "
"Sure it's a sin, but I can get away with it "
Do you recognize these thoughts? Then you have been fooled. And Satan is laughing.
Because if he can deceive you, he will destroy your state of mind, ruin your relationships, and steal your joy. Do not let him.
Dr. Tony Evans equips you to recognize Satan's conniving tactics and boldly declare his lies for what they are. Winning this game is easier than you may think. And victorious living in light of God's truth is your daily reward
Story Behind the Book
A common theme emerged as Tony Evans held counseling sessions with countless individuals. People seemed completely unaware of how the spiritual realm was at work in their lives. "They saw clearly with their physical eyes," he says, "but remained unaware of the evil, unseen spiritual activity that either caused or aggravated their physical world. Even in my own life, when I faced challenges or struggles, I would often reference the physical system without first looking at the spiritual cause," says Tony. "Thus this book's message was born to more effectively help people understand and address their struggles from a spiritual point of view."


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Chapter Excerpt



Have you ever heard it said of someone who wasn't the most honest person in the world that "he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him"?

Today, it's not considered politically correct to call someone a liar, even if everyone can see that the person has a problem telling the truth. But when Jesus walked the earth, He didn't hesitate for a second to refer to His number one enemy using that very word:

"He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:44

That murderer Jesus referred to, not just as a liar, but as "the father of lies," is Satan. When it comes to lying, deceiving, and twisting the truth, the devil is truly in a class all his own. He's a liar by his very nature, and his entire motivation-his reason for being-is to lie and deceive.

Part of what makes the devil such an effective liar-I'd say the best who ever lived-is that he's extremely smart. He knows how to manipulate and work through this world's systems. He also knows our strengths, our weaknesses, and the things we "like" when it comes to sin. And after doing these things for thousands and thousands of years, he's perfected them.

In the Bible, we first read of Satan's lying ways in the third chapter of the book of Genesis. The devil appears to Eve as a snake in the Garden of Eden and begins spewing his deceptions in an effort to get her to do the one thing God had told her and Adam not to do, namely, eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Satan lied, Eve believed him, and the world was thrown into chaos. But that doesn't mean the devil is done lying. Not by a long shot!

Adam and Eve lived in a perfect environment where there was no sin or death. Yet Satan was right there, throwing around his deceptions and lies. Now if the devil came at these folks who knew nothing of sin or evil, what do you think he wants to do to you and me, people who are exposed to all kinds of evil every day of our lives?

We simply don't have the option of just ignoring Satan or his lies. To do that would be to give him a huge head start in his deception. No, the devil's lies must be confronted, refuted, and defeated once and for all. But how do we do that?

This may surprise you, but you can't beat the devil. He's far too powerful, intelligent, and crafty for even the most gifted among us. We can't overcome the devil through positive thinking, through gritting our teeth and working harder, or through making the most sincere resolution to "do better."

If we go face-to-face with the devil using those kinds of personal strengths, it's "game over" before we even start.

So far, this seems like a pretty hopeless situation, doesn't it? It sounds like no matter what we do, the devil's going to win. But it's far from hopeless, because God has given us the one weapon that will defeat Satan and his lies every time: the truth.

The devil can handle anything we throw at him in our own strength, but the one thing he absolutely can't handle is the truth, and especially the truth of Jesus Christ as it's recorded in the Bible.

The Bible isn't just a book full of nice stories and good life principles. The Bible is truth-God's truth. It's eternal, complete, and all-powerful truth that easily takes the devil's lies and puts them in their place. When that happens, we have the abundant, victorious life God has promised us.

This little book you're holding right now lists the six biggest lies of Satan and, more importantly, how the truth of the Word of God overwhelmingly and eternally counteracts and refutes each of those lies.

As you read on, you may recognize times in your life when Satan has sent one of his whoppers your way. It is my hope that you won't just recognize the lies you've been told, but that you'll be empowered to do something about them.



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