God Made You Special / VeggieTales

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"Bob, Larry, and all your favorite VeggieTales friends would like to tell you how much God loves you. Because God made each of us special, different, and unique, this message can be a powerful reminder to little ones that they are special, too. Bob's red and round, and he bounces 'cause he has no feet. Madame Blueberry lives in a tree. What makes her special? She's as blue as can be. What about those French Peas? They speak with "zee accent." Tots will discover that it's okay to be different, because God made you special and he loves you very much. Through fun rhymes and humor, and some help from those lovable Veggies, little ones will realize that God makes everyone special!"


  • SKU: 9780310424352
  • SKU10: 0310424356
  • Title: God Made You Special / VeggieTales
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz
  • Release Date: Sep 13, 2011
  • Pages: 18
  • Age Range: 2 - 4
  • Grade Level: Preschool
  • Subject: Religious - General
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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

Larry the

and I'm here to say;
That God made me
special in his own
special way!

And you're special, too-its the news of the day!

We're special 'cause that's how God made us-it's true!
There's no one exactly like me or like you!

God made me special by making me green,
Without any hips, I'm tall and I'm lean!
God made us all special. It's part of his job.

And to say how he's special, here's my friend-

Yes, it's true, I'm special. I cannot deny it.
To say how I'm special is tough-but I'll try it.

There are so many ways. It's a rather large number.
For one thing, I'm friends with a talking cucumber!

And I bounce when I walk, and I have a round shape.
But so do the Peas, and so does Pa Grape!

God made them green, but not me! No, instead
God made me special by making me RED!

See, everyone's special in a different way!

Let's hear from some others

and see what they say!

`allo Boys
and Girls!
We are zee
French Peas!

And we'll tell you how special we are,
if you please!
Like Larry we're green and like Bob
we are round!

But our specialness lies in our French-sounding sound!
We speak with zee accent, of which we are proud.
It makes us stand out
From zee non-accent crowd.

And I'm

bookish and lean!
Like most other
Veggies I'm also
quite green.
Like Larry I
have neither
hips nor a chin-
So God made me
special by making
me thin!

My name is
Pa Grape!

And I'm special, too.
I wear a white mustache
and glasses. Do you?

I'm Madame Blueberry

I live in a tree.

Along with six birds and one small bumblebee! I'm round just like Bob and the Peas and Pa Grape, so I'm not very special because of my shape. Then how am I special? It's all in my hue, God made me special by making me blue!

Now let's turn our attention from Madame Blueberry. To two of my gourd friends named Jimmy and Jerry!

Hi, my
name is
And he's my bro,

Like Bob
we're good friends
with a pickle named Larry.
But Bob's shape is round - and
we're shaped more like
drops, so we're wide at the
bottoms, but thin at the tops!

I'm a
not a pickle!

Hi, boys and girls!
my name's

God made me special and
I'm dying to share it!
For one thing, I'm orange.
I'm told that's quite rare.
And I wear a bow
in my bright yellow hair!

It's true, we're all special. I hope you've had fun!But now cause we've run out of time-we are done!

My name's Mr. Lunt!


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