God's Grace in Divorce: Choosing Between Preserving the Marriage and Protecting the Children

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Is divorce ever necessary?Divorce goes against the grain of every devoted couple. On their wedding day, a couple makes a solemn vow before God to stay together through sickness and in health. A divorce negates this promise and breaks the covenant made. And yet, divorce is sometimes necessary to protect the family. Isidor Buchmann was totally committed to his marriage but when mental illness affected his wife, he had to make the life-altering decision to protect his five children through obtaining a divorce. If the reader is burdened with an unworkable marriage, then God's Grace in Divorce—Choosing Between Preserving the Marriage and Protecting the Children is for you. It reminds a parent of his or her ultimate duty towards the children. This book tells a true story of an unsolvable marriage problem, family dysfunction, divorce, religious controversies, and eventual victory. Isidor Buchmann is the founder and CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc. After growing up on a small farming in Switzerland, he immigrated to Canada to pursue career goals in electronics. When the desired job opportunities didn’t materialize, he pooled his savings and started a company. In a small room at his house, he worked on his inventions long into the nights while raising a large family. About the time his business became self-sufficient, his wife became mentally unstable and caused serious family dysfunction that eventually lead to divorce. The rift with his Christian friends and the church over divorce have persuaded him to share his experience in this book. He has written other books, published numerous technical articles, and is the author of the website


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  • Title: God's Grace in Divorce: Choosing Between Preserving the Marriage and Protecting the Children
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