Greatest Hits
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14 hits, plus two NEW songs! Embodies the first decade of the five-time Dove winner for Artist Of the Year: Heaven In the Real World, I Will be Here, Lord of the Dance, The Great Adventure, and more.


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Featured Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

"I wasn’t Steven Curtis Chapman. I wasn’t a star," he said. "I was just Steve Chapman, a kid who sat in a college rehearsal room and wrote songs."

Steven Curtis Chapman’s decade-long music career has earned him quite a collection of titles. "The Most Honored Christian Artist," "The Crown Prince of Christian Music," and "Artist of the Year," just to name a few.Of course, with three Grammies and 35 Dove Awards under his belt,you might expect him to be dubbed with a few grandiose names.

What you probably wouldn’t expect is to find that the artist himself is an honest, down-to-earth man who is humbled, and even embarrassed at times, by his stellar success.

Steven Curtis Chapman was born in the small town of Paducah, KY. His father owned a music store, so rhythm and rhyme were an integral part of Steven’s life from the beginning. He got his first guitar as a gift when he was eight years old, and began to write his own songs. Though he had no idea at the time, these early strummings were to be the seeds of a vibrant musical career.

Starting Out

Steven began to hone his musical talents at Anderson College in Anderson, Ind. It was during his junior year that he discovered that there is "More to This Life" than just music. A freshman named Mary Beth happened to share Steven’s last name and therefore, his mailbox.

They were bound to meet, and when they did, the two hit it off immediately. Friendship flowered into love and by the end of that year, they were engaged. What still fascinates Steven is that Mary Beth never loved him because of his wealth of talent and potential, she loved him for the person he was.

"I wasn’t Steven Curtis Chapman. I wasn’t a star," he said. "I was just Steve Chapman, a kid who sat in a college rehearsal room and wrote songs. Mary Beth would study then fall asleep on the floor, as I wrote on until one o’clock in the morning. The songs would flow out of me, and she loved me for who I was, not what I did. And that’s how I loved her too."

In the fall of 1984, they married and immediately headed to Nashville, where Steven had been hired as a staff songwriter for Benson Music.

So, with their hearts full of dreams and their cupboards empty, the two started their new life together.

Like many newlyweds, the Chapmans struggled with their finances in those early months. "I remember checks coming in just days after we would pray," Steven told Marriage Partner Magazine. "They were just enough to cover our bills with a little left over."

Along with the challenges, that first year came a joyous surprise, Mary Beth was pregnant. As their family began to grow, so also did Steven’s career, and the two were able to scrape enough together for a down payment on a home.

Just after little Emily was born, they took a day to look for their new home. They weren’t prepared, however, for the devastation that awaited them in their old home.

"I can still remember coming home, rounding the bend and seeing all the fire trucks," Mary Beth recalled in a Marriage Partner interview. "We didn’t say a word. But as we got closer, Steven yelled out, ‘Those fire trucks are at our apartment!’"

The Chapmans lost almost all their possessions and were forced to move in with friends.

A Rising Star

In the midst of this hardship, however, God blessed them and Steven’s career started to climb. His album "First Hand" was all about the trials and joys he had been facing in life: the fire, a new baby, new opportunities.

With his next album "Real Life Conversations," Steven began to see his touring schedule and his audiences grow. Of course, this success brought its own share of trials and Steven and Mary Beth soon learned that fame made a difficult partner in marriage. Looking back, Steven still wonders: " You see so many people who just short-circuit and burn out due to the expectations. Can human beings naturally cope with those pressures?"

Steven was often gone from home, jetting around the country or going for days on end without sleep in the quest for the perfect song. The stress of a musician’s life, along with the challenges that any marriage faces, combined for a difficult few years. Then news from Steven’s parents came that was to change his relationship with his wife forever. Steven’s parents were getting a divorce.

"We had looked to my parents’ marriage as the kind we wanted to have," Steven recalled in a 1997 Marriage Partnership article. "My folks seemed so committed to us and to the Lord."

This shock galvanized Steven and Mary Beth to find ways to strengthen their own marriage. It was out of this determination to love and cherish his wife that Steven wrote "I Will Be Here," a song that has now become his hallmark.

"I wrote ‘I Will Be Here’ as a cry of faith. No matter how awful, no matter how terrible it gets, I will be here. I did not write it as a gushy, romantic song. I wrote it as a commitment, even a painful commitment," Steven said.

With the momentum of that heartfelt song, Steven’s star rose even higher and he was nominated for ten Dove Awards, taking home an almost unprecedented five, including Artist of the Year.

The Call

As he began gearing up to write the songs for "The Sake of the Call," Steven began asking himself some tough questions. "What does it mean to call myself a Christian? How will that show itself in my life?"

These questions led him to the only true source answers, his Bible. He was led to sing about discipleship and the challenges of living out faith. This theme then led naturally into his next release, "The Great Adventure." With his "Greatest Hits" album out, Steven can’t help but think over the past 10 years with wonder over the sweeping changes that have carried him and Christian music as a whole. New bands, new excitement and new doorways.

What hasn’t changed is Steven’s dream, hope, and prayer that started him on this road a decade ago. "I write to make Jesus known," wrote author Bob Briner. This is Steven’s purpose as well.

"That’s why I started doing this 10 years ago, when I didn’t know if anybody was going to buy the record, didn’t know if anybody was going to play the song on the radio." He said. "I wrote those songs to make Jesus known. Can that still be said of me? God, that’s where I want to be tomorrow. That’s where I want the next 10 years to be."

About The Songs


and in his own words...



As Oswald Chambers said, "What we call the process, God sees as the goal itself. God sees as the end." His whole purpose is to keep us in process to keep us growing closer to Him. The only way we can do that with hopefulness is to remember that we are not home yet. God will give us some wonderful stops along the way, but God doesn't want us to mistake those for our final destination.

I started writing this on the way home from attending a funeral for one of Mary Beth's uncles. The song and album came out of an intense time of wrestling with some monumental questions like "What do I really believe and why?"

Another SCC-Geoff Moore collaboration that "blazed a trail" in many ways for me. The idea came after a meeting I had with some pastor friends who reminded me how truly "amazing" God's grace is. I went into that meeting weary and discouraged and left knowing that it is the grace of God that makes this life the adventure God created it to be.

Watching my wife's grandparents live out the final chapter of their lives here on earth, as well as meeting and praying with a man named Jim after a concert in St. Louis provided the inspiration for the song. My best bud Geoff Moore helped me write this song just before "Mary" (Mary Beth's grandmother) left this earth for "Paradise."

I started writing this one on a "road trip" with my family. It was a dark night on a desolate interstate with everyone else asleep in the car when the comforting thought gently came that inspired this song. My dear friend and long-time co-writer, James Isaac, worked on this song with me.

This song and album were written out of a desire to come to a deeper understanding of what it really means to call oneself a "disciple of Jesus Christ." The title and idea for this particular song came from a book called "The Cost of Discipleship" by Diettrich Bonhoffer which I was reading at the time.

The first of many songs written for my wife, Mary Beth. My parents were going through a divorce at the time, which was one of the most difficult things I had ever experienced, and this song was my way of saying again to Mary Beth, "Till death do us part."

A lot about this song and album were inspired by a TIME magazine article that talked about how our culture was beginning to acknowledge its crises of need for spiritual truth and how many were turning to God for answers. I actually wrote the chorus while working in my vegetable garden. (I'm not sure what the significance of that was!)

One of my many journey songs (it seems to be a recurring theme for me), this musical autobiography was written "For The Sake Of The Call" album to remind myself and fellow disciples of the joy in the journey.

Inspired by a passage in Psalms 32, my friend Jerry Salley and I wrote this a few weeks before the apartment that Mary Beth and I were renting was destroyed by fire. It was a devastating time in life and this song and its message became a precious gift from God during that time.

This is one of those songs that actually came out of a discussion I was having with my friend and fellow songwriter Jerry Salley. We began talking about how encouraging it was to know, as the apostle Paul put it, that God's strength is made perfect in our weakness, and a few hours later we had a song that we really believed God gave us.

LORD OF THE DANCE (Abbey Road Version)
This was written in a hotel room after talking with my friend, mentor and Pastor Scotty Smith about this dance called life and our need for the One who gives purpose to each step. We were out on the Young Messiah '95 tour. His input in my music and my life over the years has been immeasurable. This recording was done at Abbey Road studios in London where the Beatles recorded most of their music. It was recorded completely live with my band and me playing, singing and praying that we wouldn't mess up. What you hear, "for better or worse," was all done without fixing or over-dubbing anything. Hope ya like it.

I've always loved the Micah 6:8 passage in the Bible. My grandfather and a dear missionary family in South Africa helped inspire this song that took me back to my musical "blues" roots. This recording was also done at Abbey Road Studios and like "Lord of the Dance" was recorded live just as you hear it - even the solos at the end. I think this recording is a great tribute to my band who are in my opinion, one of the greatest groups of musicians to ever grace the stage or the recording studio.


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