His Little Princess: Treasured Letters from Your King

(Hardback - Feb 2006)
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A True Fairy Tale
Cinderella is a great story, but after the last page is turned, little girls can't look forward to the tale coming true when they grow up. It's just "for pretend." Now girls ages four to nine can unveil the reality of their royal calling "His Little Princess "shows them that they are not pretend princesses.because God is for real When a grown-up sits down to read out loud these touching love letters, girls will come to understand and embrace how much they are truly loved and adored by God, the King of kings
A Daughter of the King
Every little girl dreams of being a princess. And for the one who trusts in God, the Word heralds a most beautiful truth: She is the chosen daughter of the King of all kings. She is a true princess
Here is a majestic gift for that special young one in your life--personal letters written from her King. Each day a new letter will inspire her to live and act like the radiant princess she is
Story Behind the Book
"If we can help our daughters learn from a young age that they are God's chosen princesses, we will help them to win the identity struggles they will face as teens. While we have influence in their lives, we need to deposit in their hearts and minds how much they are loved and how important they are in God's kingdom. This book will give girls godly confidence that they are chosen by the King of all kings. Read one each day to them and watch them grow into the princesses they are destined to be "
--Sheri Rose Shepherd


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  • Title: His Little Princess: Treasured Letters from Your King
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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

Letters from the King

I Chose You, My Princess My Amazing Love for You I Made You Beautiful The Attitude of a Princess My Unselfish Princess Showing Respect Making Good Choices I Will Always Forgive You Talk with Me, My Princess A Princess's Words Fear Not, My Child When You Are Disappointed My Beautiful Creation You Are a Blessing Take Courage, My Princess Worship Your King The Character of a Princess Love Your Family When You're Angry Saying You're Sorry A Parent's Protection Resist Temptation I Was Also Rejected When Friends Fight A Thankful Heart Do Not Give Up Do Not Tease In Times of Sickness Angels Watching Over You Honor the Elderly Dress like Royalty Friends Are a Gift Sweet Dreams, My Love Christmas Day My Word Is True Try, Try Again Always Do Your Best A Princess Does Not Brag Love People the Way I Do Meet Me at Church Have Faith, My Child Do Not Be Jealous My Patient Princess Telling the Truth Jesus Died for You Telling People About Jesus Open Your Gift Presents in Heaven Death Is Not the End A Home in Heaven

Prayers from the Princess

Thank You for Choosing Me I Love You Too, Lord Thank You for Making Me Help Me to Have a Good Attitude I Want an Unselfish Heart Teach Me How to Show Respect I Want to Make Good Choices Forgive Me, Lord Help Me to Trust in You Give Me Beautiful Lips Help Me Not to Be Afraid Heal My Heart I Love Your World Teach Me to Bless Others Help Me to Be Strong I Will Praise You, Lord Teach Me to Be Like You Help Me to Love My Family Help Me When I'm Angry I Am Sorry, Lord A Prayer for My Parents Keep Me from Evil When I Am Hurting Teach Me to Speak Kindly Put a Song in My Heart I Want to Always Be Your Girl Lord, Change My Heart You Are My Healer Send Your Angels to Protect Me Help Me to Honor My Grandparents Dress Me like a Princess I Want to Be a Good Friend You Are My Light in the Night Merry Christmas, Father! I Love to Read the Bible I Will Trust in You Help Me to Do My Best I Will Not Boast or Brag You Made Us All I Love Your Church Strengthen My Faith Forgive Me for Being Jealous Give Me Patience, Father I Will Not Tell a Lie Come into My Heart, Jesus I Want to Spread the Good News Thank You for My Gift You See Everything I Do Comfort Me, Lord Happily Ever After

Dear Little Princess,

You are so special to God. You have been chosen and crowned as His princess. You are not a pretend princess. Your reign is for real because you are a daughter of the King.

You are very important in God's kingdom. He loves you so much, and He wants to talk to you every day in His Word, the Bible.

This book has personal letters from the King, written for you to teach you how to live and act like a real princess. Someday you will meet the King in Heaven and He will give you amazing gifts for all you have done to show others that you love Him.

If you will read a letter every day, you will learn how much you are truly loved and adored by God, the King of all kings!

Love, Sheri Rose

I Chose You, My Princess

My Chosen Daughter,

You are not a pretend princess, my child. You are a real princess, and I am your God, the King of all kings. I chose you before you were even born to be my princess. You are very important in my kingdom. I have chosen you to do something special that only you can do. I have amazing plans for you, both now and for when you grow up. Remember, a crown and a palace do not make you a true princess-it is your love for me and for others that will make you special. If you read my words every day in the Bible, I will teach you all you need to know about living like a daughter of the King.

Love, Your King and Father in Heaven

* * *

"You didn't choose me. I chose you." John 15:16

Thank You for Choosing Me

Dear God, thank you for choosing me to be your princess. I feel so special knowing I belong to you. Help me to remember to act like I am yours, because I need help. I'm glad you are my King who can make me shine for you! I pray in Jesus' name, amen.

My Amazing Love for You

Dear Precious Daughter,

I am your Daddy in Heaven, and I love you so much! I know you have a daddy on earth too-I created him, just as I created you. But I am the God of all Heaven and earth, and I am your King and you are my daughter. You are precious to me in every way. I think about you all the time. Nothing is more important to me than you. I want you to tuck this truth in your heart: No matter how big you grow or where you go, you'll always be my girl and I will always be your God. I will always love you, no matter what you do, and I will never leave you!

Love, Your King who will never stop loving you

* * *

"I have loved you with a love that lasts forever." Jeremiah 31:3, NIRV

I Love You Too, Lord

Dear God, I'm so happy that you love me. Thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you that I get to be with you always. Thank you for your promise that you will never leave me. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

I Made You Beautiful

My Pretty Little Princess,

I want you to know how very beautiful you are to me. I adore you, my daughter! I love the way I created you. When you look into the mirror, remember that I carefully chose the color of your eyes and the highlights in your hair. I love you so much that I know exactly how many hairs are on your pretty little head! I designed the shape of your nose and your happy smile. I made every part of your precious body. Don't ever try to look like anyone else but you. I think you're perfect just the way you are. I love every little thing about you, my princess. There is no one in the world like you.

Love, Your King who created a perfect you

* * *

You are the one who put me together inside my mother's body, and I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me. Everything you do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt. Psalm 139:13 - 14, C E V



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