Homosexualidad y juventud: Entendiendo y respondiendo a la realidad homosexual

(ePUB - Jun 2009)
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This is a book for the heart that is suffering and the mind that leads.andnbsp; Many leaders with good intentions but with little knowledge about the subject have wanted to help young people who are confronting this challenge and yet have seen their efforts producing contradictory results. The subject of homosexuality is on everyone's mouth these days and this book offers answers to questions that must be answered.andnbsp; What is homosexuality? Is homosexuality a choice? Are persons born homosexual? Can a homosexual really change? Can homosexuality be prevented? What are some appropriate ways that the church can respond to the challenges facing young people who are living with homosexuality? andnbsp; Based on years of pastoral experience and also studies in the field of psychology, Esteban Borghetti brings to light a subject that in many social circles has remained in the shadows. andnbsp;Changes in society. The reality of our churches today. Definition of homosexuality. Roots of homosexuality. The ideology of gender. Keys to working with young people. How to organize a meeting for speaking to young people about homosexuality. The role of the parents. andnbsp;And many other principles, treated with agility and clarity.


  • SKU: 9780829781038
  • SKU10: 082978103X
  • Title: Homosexualidad y juventud: Entendiendo y respondiendo a la realidad homosexual
  • Publisher: Vida
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2009
  • Language: Spanish
  • Category: SPANISH
  • Subject: Christian Life - Social Issues