Hope for Creation, Part One

(DVD - Apr 2010)
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'Following Jesus is good for the planet. Or should be, at least. This is the radical, yet solidly biblical premise of Blessed Earth.This two-part film series and guidebook experience is a creative and compelling call for Christians to embrace sustainable living out of love for God, neighbor, and all of creation.In Part 1---Hope for Creation, Dr. Matthew Sleeth explores his personal salvation experience and desire to follow Jesus in the context of the love story God tells in Genesis 1. In these first six sessions, Dr. Sleeth guides us through each of the created elements---Light, Water, Soil, Heavens, Animals, and Man---and reminds us of our God-given commission to 'tend and protect the planet.'It's time for us to reclaim our role in God's creation story and accept with excitement our calling to 'save the planet' for the sake of Jesus Christ.Session 1: LightIn the beginning, God speaks the first sentence of a love story that will include all creatures and all people.and it all begins with light. When God sends His Son, it's no surprise He is called the 'Light of the World.' When we follow Jesus, God changes our hearts and calls us to be children of light with new priorities that reflect the love story of God and His creation. Session 2: WaterWater is an indispensable building block of life that makes up most of our bodies and covers the majority of the planet. But fresh water is relatively rare. Of all the water on earth, less than one half of one percent is drinkable and accessible to us. Water is precious, and necessary for survival. It's no coincidence that Jesus calls himself the Living Water.Session 3: Soil God wants us to grow in our faith, like trees planted in good soil. Trees are mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible; each reference to a tree, branch, bush, or vine, reveals God at work. It's God's desire that we bear fruit in our lives. When our actions are filled with the fruit of the Spirit, we are in a right relationship with God, our neighbors, and His creation.Session 4: HeavensGod created a universe of wonder for us to enjoy, giving us the sun for warmth and stars to help us find our way. While these heavenly bodies reassure us with the steady rhythm of time, they are full of incomprehensible mystery. These aspects of the night sky teach us about the face of God, calling us to trust that He is present in all of life's mysteries. Session 5: Animals From the very beginning, God has entrusted mankind with the privilege and responsibility of caring for the animals and protecting the habitats they depend upon for survival. Jesus, our model for compassion, is called the Good Shepherd and 'the firstborn of all creatures.' When we care about every bird in the sky as deeply as God does, we become partners in God's redemptive plan.Session 6: Man In Genesis 2:15, God tells us to tend and protect the Garden---perhaps because we can't live without it. But taking care of the planet is also a form of sacrificial giving. It's about helping people who aren't even born yet by planting seeds for the future. Until Jesus returns, we're told to be the hands and feet of God here on earth. '


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  • Title: Hope for Creation, Part One
  • Series: Blessed Earth
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Date Published: Apr 2010
  • Age Range: 18 - UP
  • Grade Level: College Freshman thru Up
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