Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

(DVD - Apr 2008)
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The tensely exciting sequel to the action hit, Left Behind: The Movie, is here! As Nicolae Carpathia consolidates his evil power, the desperation of the times spurs believers to courageous acts.


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The Cast

Kirk Cameron as Cameron Williams

Kirk Cameron reprises his lead role as Cameron "Buck" Williams in the upcoming film Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, based on The New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. In the sequel to the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind: The Movie, Kirk plays the role of an internationally acclaimed journalist who is trying to uncover the truth behind the mass disappearances of people all over the world.

Kirk is best known as the lovable teen heartthrob Mike Aaron Seaver, of the award winning series Growing Pains, starring alongside Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kirk's acting career started at the age of nine in commercials and in guest appearances on such shows as Lou Grant, Code Red, Brett Maverick, as well as in TV movies such as Children of the Crossfire and Beyond Witch Mountain. More serious roles came his way as early as 1983 with the film More Than Murder. His first starring role happened at the age of ten in the TV series Two Marriages. This prepared Kirk for the role of a lifetime: Mike Seaver in the television hit comedy series Growing Pains (1985-1992), for which he received two Golden Globe nominations. His notoriety grew as well as his fan club. Kirk Cameron became very popular with teenagers all over the world. His face graced every teen magazine in America and every teenaged girl's heart! Producers quickly took notice and cast Kirk in a series of starring roles starting with the 1987 comedy Like Father Like Son with Dudley Moore; 1988's Listen to Me; the 1991 drama Little Piece of Heaven, directed by Mimi Leder; 1995' s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (Disney); the Warner Brother's sitcom Kirk (1995-1997); 1998's You Lucky Dog (Disney); and most recently, the docudrama of the true life story of Craig Shergold, The Miracle of the Cards.

A philanthropist at heart, Kirk and his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, founded the Firefly Foundation. Firefly is a camp that the couple personally attends to help families of seriously ill children. Both cherish and look forward to attending the camp every year.

Brad Johnson as Rayford Steele

Brad Johnson reprises his role as Ray Steele in Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, based on The New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. Johnson, an experienced pilot himself, plays an airline captain who is piloting a plane when several passengers suddenly disappear. Confused by the events, Steele soon finds out that his wife and son have also disappeared. Steele joins forces with his feisty 20-year-old daughter, Chloe, to find their lost family.

Rugged and strikingly handsome, Brad grew up on a ranch near Tucson, Arizona. His father's stories inspired him to become a cowboy and an outdoorsman, which led him to a stint as the Marlboro Man and then into acting. Brad likens himself to a piece in the puzzle of the storytelling process that allows writers and directors to tell their stories. It is this modesty and quiet strength that has critics comparing him to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart. Acclaimed Hollywood writer and director John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Clear and Present Danger) states in People Magazine: "He's in that Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda mold. He's got a different quality than the guys today." -Not surprising, considering that what Johnson loves most about his craft is what he describes as "Old Hollywood," the family-like bond forged on the set between performers and crew that makes the project succeed.

Brad's route to stardom was speedy, dramatic, and circuitous. He joined the rodeo circuit while attending college on a baseball scholarship. In 1984, while wrestling steers, Johnson was spotted by a casting director looking for cowboys to become extras in a Busch beer commercial. After this first break, he was cast as a Marlboro Man. These two spots resulted in a quick selection for a number of Calvin Klein print ads, other noteworthy commercials, and his relocation to Los Angeles.

Within three months of his arrival, and after the start of acting lessons, Roger Corman cast him to star in Nam Angels. Around the same time, Steven Spielberg discovered him and offered Johnson a coveted role in Always, as the flyer who replaces Richard Dreyfuss in Holly Hunter's affections. When asked about her Always co-star, Holly Hunter described Brad as "All twisted steel and sex appeal." The Spielberg film led John Milius and Paramount to put him back into the pilot's seat in the major release Flight of the Intruder.

Brad's television roles include starring in Jerry Bruckheimer's Soldier of Fortune and the CBS telepic Silk Hope, which paired him with Farrah Fawcett and garnered very high ratings. Rough Riders also received outstanding reviews, and he is the two-time Western Heritage award winner for Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life and Crossfire Trail. Brad's most recent TV movies include Riverworld (2002) and Blind Obsession (2001).

Chelsea Noble as Hattie Durham

Chelsea Noble reprises her role as Hattie Durham in Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, the sequel to the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind: The Movie. Hattie, a former flight attendant, ascends to a high-powered role at the United Nations as assistant to UN President Nicolae Carpathia, the suspected Antichrist.

After graduating from college, Chelsea moved to New York City and landed a six-month role on the popular daytime soap opera Loving in 1987. With that experience and exposure in hand, Chelsea moved to Los Angeles where her professional career took off.

Chelsea quickly landed another daytime soap opera role on Days of Our Lives in 1988 in the role of Kristina Andropoulos. Soon after, Chelsea entered the world of sitcom television by guest starring in the acclaimed series Full House. That role catapulted her into several guest star appearances on such popular sitcoms as Cheers (1989), Doogie Howser M.D. (1992 and 1993), and Seinfeld (1997). Chelsea is most recognized for her supporting role in the hit series Growing Pains. Chelsea played the role of Kate, Mike Seaver's (Kirk Cameron) girlfriend. Though initially cast for a short term, the producers of the show saw the television chemistry between her and Kirk Cameron's character and extended her role for three seasons, including the show's finale (1989-1992). Not only did that chemistry win the hearts of television viewing audiences in America but it also won her the heart of her famous teen heartthrob co-star, Kirk Cameron. They wed in Chelsea's hometown on July 20, 1991.

Family friendly movies soon followed, including A Little Piece of Heaven (1991), directed by Mimi Leder; the made-for-TV movie Star Struck (1994), directed by Jim Drake; the Warner Brother's sitcom Kirk (1995-1997); and more recently, Disney's You Lucky Dog (1998).

A philanthropist at heart, Chelsea and her husband, actor Kirk Cameron, founded the Firefly Foundation. Firefly is a camp that the couple personally attends to help families of seriously ill children. Both cherish and look forward to attending the camp every year.

Clarence Gilyard as Pastor Bruce Barnes

Clarence Gilyard reprises his role as Pastor Bruce Barnes in the upcoming film Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, based on The New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. Barnes is stunned to realize that he has been left behind after the rapture occurs (the mass disappearance of people). As a man of faith, he must face the loss of his family and the truth about himself.

Winner of the 2000 NAACP Image Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, Clarence Gilyard is one of the most prolific and talented actors working in Hollywood. He's been a major primetime CBS network co-star for the past ten years, acting alongside Chuck Norris for seven seasons on Walker, Texas Ranger and, before that, alongside Andy Griffith for four seasons on Matlock. Earlier in his career, he was a series co-star with Jim Carey in the NBC/MTM Production Duck Factory. Clarence also had prominent starring roles in three highly successful theatrical films: Die Hard with Bruce Willis, Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and Earthquake with Charlton Heston.

Clarence holds a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts from Cal State, Dominguez Hills, and is now working towards an M.A. at the University of Arkansas. He attended the Air Force Academy and then went on to study acting and theatre arts at Sterling College in Kansas and at Long Beach State in California. He additionally studied acting at the Loft in Los Angeles with famed acting coaches Peggy Foury and Gill Traylor.

One of Clarence's greatest joys is donating his time to charitable causes. He is the honorary chairperson of Cowboys for Kids, an Arizona-based non-profit organization assisting thousands of needy children. Clarence recently signed on as spokesperson for Carter Blood Care, a non-profit organization promoting the need for blood donors.

In his spare time, Clarence is also a theatrical film producer and acting teacher. In addition, he and his brother, Reginald, are producing principals behind their own Dallas-based Gilyard Productions.

Clarence maintains homes in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, and in Dallas.

Gordon Currie as Nicolae Carpathia

Gordon Currie reprises his role as Nicolae Carpathia in the upcoming film Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, based on The New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. In the sequel to the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind: The Movie, Gordon plays the charismatic, newly elected UN President. While appearing to provide much needed answers and leadership to the people left behind after the rapture, Nicolae is actually the Antichrist fulfilling the prophesied events from the Bible's Book of Revelation.

After starting out in theater and doing small roles on studio films like Joel Schumacher's Cousins and Frank Marshall's Alive, Gordon progressively got busier by starring in indie films like Dog Park, Ripe, Blood n' Donuts, and Falling Through. Currently, he stars in the award winning Waydowntown (see below), The Happy Couple, and The Circle. In late 2002, Gordon will be producing and starring in his clever dark comedy feature film entitled Play Dead.

Presently playing across America, Gordon co-stars in the award winning indie comedy Waydowntown alongside Fab Filippo and Don McKellar. The film has garnered top awards at the Atlantic, Vancouver, and Toronto International film festivals.

Gordon also co-stars in Sidney Furie's suspense film, The Circle, opposite Treat Williams and Robin Dunne. He plays the mysterious physics professor, Tom Wilkinson, at the prestigious Runcie Academy for Boys, where a student's murder/suicide is under investigation.

Some of Gordon's 80 hours of TV work include a guest starring role on 5 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and a starring role in the action series Code Name: Eternity for Warner Bros. He can also be seen in 7 episodes of Leap Years on Showtime and in guest starring roles on The Chris Isaak Show, Mutant X, and Doc.

Gordon has also written, directed, and produced several film projects on his own. His short film, 2 Extra Days, recently had its 11th International Festival screening.

Janaya Stephens as Chloe Steele

Janaya Stephens reprises her role as Chloe Steele in the upcoming film Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, based on The New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. Janaya plays the feisty 20-year-old daughter of airline pilot Ray Steele (Brad Johnson) and the new love interest of Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron).

After shooting the apocalyptic thriller Left Behind: The Movie, Janaya landed a guest lead in Twice in a Lifetime, playing the younger self of Spanish actress Maria Conchito Alonso. Holly Dale directed the episode, and Janaya gave her best effort at a Spanish accent!

Her biggest role to date came when she was asked to play the role of Marie Osmond in the ABC MOW based on the lives of the Osmond family. The film took a candid behind-the-scenes look at the famous brother-sister duo and the hard times they faced during their show. Starring Veronica Cartwright and Bruce McGill, the movie aired in February 2001.

Gordon also co-stars in Sidney Furie's suspense film, The Circle, opposite Treat Williams and Robin Dunne. He plays the mysterious physics professor, Tom Wilkinson, at the prestigious Runcie Academy for Boys, where a student's murder/suicide is under investigation.

Janaya then went to L.A. to further her career south of the border. Landing representation almost immediately, she was soon busy auditioning and making waves for three months. She later returned to Toronto and landed a role on two episodes of the Showtime series Leap Years, one directed by Milan Cheylov and the other by Stacey Curtis. Because of her athletic skills, she was asked to do a stunt actor role on the Relic Hunter, directed by Jeff King, wielding a sword in such a way that would make even Xena nervous! Following that came an episode of Exhibit A, which was directed by Howard Wiseman, and several high-profile television commercials in between.

Janaya currently resides in the Beaches area of Toronto, Canada.


Left Behind II: Tribulation Force Earns High Marks

Bob Waliszewski, Youth Culture Department Manager
Focus on the Family

"There's suspense, intrigue, daring and likeable characters worth rooting for. But more than any of these, there's a concerted desire to put out a likeable film that entertains while conveying God's truth, while not coming across as hokey. And at that, Cloud Ten deserves an 'A'."

Bob Liparulo, Contributing Editor (or Media Editor)
New Man Magazine

"I am delighted and surprised at the increase in overall quality in this movie compared to the first Left Behind. Overall, the story's clear good-versus-evil premise plays well in a movie that is trying to communicate the Gospel message, and this movie capitalizes well on this story element. It's a movie that stimulates discussion about the end times and the Gospel message. Christians will find it entertaining and inoffensive. This is a movie I would invite all my friend and family to see. It is wholesome and entertaining. The film exhibits a keen sense of the importance of detail and subtlety."

Patrick Wilson, Editor
Godly Business Woman

"Tribulation Force was compelling, convicting and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the movie, and the acting was top notch! The movie challenged me to evaluate my walk with the Lord and will encourage believers in their walk as well. It is an effective tool to share the Bible's truth. The quality of the movie is definitely at the same, if not better than, standards of Hollywood."

Adrienne Gaines, Associate Editor
Charisma & Christian Life

"The Left Behind film series is becoming the modern version of A Thief in the Night, offering both an opportunity for Christians to be entertained and capitalizing off the mainstream's fascination with end-times events.

Left Behind II is extremely evangelistic, making it an effective outreach tool for Christians hoping to seek immediate fruit."

Dr. Jack & Rexella van Impe
Founders of Jack van Impe Ministries

"I've never seen a Christian film that's its equal. The soul-winning potential of this film is staggering. Millions could be touched by its message." -Dr. Jack van Impe, Jack van Impe Ministries

"This movie is without a doubt the finest Christian film ever produced. The overall production values made me feel like I was there, like I was a part of it. At times I had tears, at others excitement, and at others I felt the dilemmas of the characters." -Rexella van Impe, Jack van Impe Ministries

Dr. Ted Baehr Founder of the Christian Film and Television Commission

"In my opinion this film [Left Behind II: Tribulation Force] is better than the first one. The evangelistic power of this film is awesome! Characters repeatedly come to Christ in powerfully acted and compelling scenes. Fans of the book Tribulation Force will be especially pleased with the film's faithfulness to their favorite scenes. I love it when dedicated teams of Christians make quality Christian films like Left Behind II: Tribulation Force."

Ray Comfort, Author/Evangelist Living Waters Publications

"Anyone who has a concern to reach the lost will love this movie. I wept. I shouted for joy. It is the clearest video presentation of the Gospel I have ever seen, and I wouldn't hesitate to give it to unsaved friends and family."

Randall Murphree, Editor American Family Association Journal

Awarded 5 star rating (highest)

"Tribulation Force is an entertaining and gripping drama with a solid Christian message you must not miss. Kirk Cameron, Janaya Stephens and Brad Johnson are all outstanding. The production is excellent and the message is clear. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10."

The Story

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

Plot Synopsis:

It's a week after the rapture and the millions of people who disappeared into thin air are still missing. Chaos rules the world as panic and grief stricken survivors continue to search for their lost loved-ones. Suicide rates are sky-rocketing, businesses and homes are being looted, and martial law is in effect. A desperate world looks to the leadership and guidance of UN President Nicolae Carpathia, the only person offering any answers, hope, and plans to restore peace and order.

While Carpathia has the world's adoration and trust, he is seemingly unaware of four rebels spreading the truth that he is in fact the prophesied Antichrist of the Bible. Leading this small group (called the Tribulation Force) is Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarence Gilyard), whose in-depth understanding of biblical prophecy helps demystify the present and future events that the world will face in the next seven years known as The Tribulation. Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) is a highly respected television journalist who has seen firsthand Carpathia's manipulative and deadly powers. His position allows him special access to a global audience through the media and to Carpathia himself. Airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) and his 20-year-old daughter, Chloe (Janaya Stephens), make up the rest of the group. Ray is a man still struggling to come to grips with the loss of his wife and son, but his recent salvation and friendship with Pastor Barnes have brought him back to the church and closer to his feisty daughter. Chloe finds her purpose by tending the sick and wounded as well as a burgeoning love relationship with Buck.

As the Tribulation Force mobilizes to open the eyes of the world to the truth, global events get even stranger when word leaks out that three men have mysteriously burned to death at one of the holiest sites in Israel: the Wailing Wall. At the same time, Rabbi Ben Judah, one of the leading religious scholars of his time, plans to make a world-altering announcement based on years of research. Pastor Barnes believes both events are linked to Carpathia, signaling the oncoming terror of The Tribulation. He acts quickly by getting Ray and Buck to embark on a dangerous mission to infiltrate Carpathia's organization. They must get to Ben Judah before he makes his announcement.

Will the Tribulation Force prevail or will Carpathia continue to deceive an unsuspecting world?


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