Letters To My Son: Hard Earned Lessons from a Slow Learner

(ePUB - Mar 2012)
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Dear Dad . . . Are you a father who longs to leave your son some simple words of encouragement as he begins his own faith journey as an adult? Do you feel like you have, on one hand "said it all," but on the other hand, are not sure that you have communicated the most important things pertaining to the soul? Are you wrestling with entrusting him to "Another Father" as he moves away from your daily influence? If your answers are "Yes" to these questions, then this compilation of heart-felt letters is a must read for you and your son This book consists of 39 letters put into 12 chapters of authentic, self-disclosing communication from a father to son that holds universal application to every father and young adult son journeying in faith together.


  • SKU: 2370004320564
  • Title: Letters To My Son: Hard Earned Lessons from a Slow Learner
  • Publisher: WinePress Publishing
  • Release Date: Mar 01, 2012
  • Pages: 108
  • Subject: Ethics & Morals