Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent: A Companion Guide for Ministry Leaders

(ePUB - Dec 2009)
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In this made-for-use guidebook, Bill Hybels provides the exact steps needed for ministry leaders to translate the principles described in his book Holy Discontent into practical and effective action. What is the one aspect of this broken world that, when you see it, touch it, or get near it, you just can't stand? What reality is so troubling that it thrusts you off the couch and into action? This is what Bill Hybels refers to as a holy discontent: a personal 'firestorm of frustration' that, although sparked by that which is terribly wrong, can catalyze fierce determination to set things right. It is often during these eye-opening, heart-hungering moments of engagement when you will hear God whisper, 'I feel the exact same way about this situation. Now, let's go solve it together ' Here are the steps and the guidance you need to make that happen. This companion to Holy Discontent includes: * Interactive processing exercises that encourage you to ask the tough questions of your ministrystrategy, your supporting organizational structure, and the key people with whom you collaborate* Sidebar stories of ministry leaders who are living and leading from their holy discontent in a variety of contexts* Insightful prompts to help you act on what you learn* Space for personal reflection


  • SKU: 9780310866503
  • SKU10: 0310866502
  • Title: Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent: A Companion Guide for Ministry Leaders
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2009
  • Pages: 160
  • Age Range: 6 - UP
  • Grade Level: 1st Grade thru Up
  • Category: PASTORAL HELPS
  • Subject: Christian Church - Leadership