Orville Wright - Curriculum Guide

Orville Wright - Curriculum Guide

(Hardback - Apr 2008)
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Curriculum Guide - When Orville Wright (1871-1948) and his brother Wilbur set out to solve the problem of flight, they recognized that success would come with careful observation, perseverance, and ingenuity. From experiments in their Dayton, Ohio, bicycle shop to test flights over the beaches of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the amateur aviation enthusiasts risked their lives and worked tirelessly to solve the problems that had stumped the world's best scientists. Based on the Heroes of History biographies, the Unit Study Curriculum Guides unlock centuries of history, from Christopher Columbus' daring journeys to Alan Shephard's moon voyage. Here is a flexible tool for teaching U.S. history and social studies in any learning environment. Curriculum includes: Student Explorations Essay writing Creative writing Hands-on projects Audio/visual projects Social Studies Reproducible activity sheets Geography History Vocabulary Critical thinking Community Links Meaningful field trips Guest speakers Service projects Related Themes to Explore Politics and law Current events Life skills Math History Geography Science Biography of Related Resources Books Movies Documentaries Magazine articles Websites Culminating Event Project displays Era music, food, and activities Oral presentations CD includes: The complete Clara Barton unit study curriculum Detailed instructions for classroom, homeschool, and group use Biographical sketch Author interviews reader reviews, bonus section, and more


  • SKU: 9781932096538
  • SKU10: 1932096531
  • Title: Orville Wright - Curriculum Guide
  • Series: Heroes of History Unit Study Curriculum Guides
  • Publisher: Emerald
  • Date Published: Apr 2008
  • Subject: Home Schooling


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