Practical Parenting: Ten basics that produce great kids

(ePUB - 2012)
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Practical Parenting Ten basics that produce great kids Parenting is everything Think of it this way: If you could fix one problem in the whole world, what would it be? The key is good parenting With good parenting we raise healthy, well-mannered, honest, trustworthy, hard-working, pleasant, values-oriented, good-or even great-children who become great adults Here's the best part: Good parenting is not hard. We have gotten distracted with "quality time," enrichment classes, opportunities, sports, music, pros and cons of certain teachers, social adjustment . . . you get the idea. When truthfully, if parents would follow the basic directions in this little book, most parenting issues would fade away. Many difficult parenting issues-especially in the teen years-have their roots in not doing the basics when your children are young. It is so important when your children are at a young age to develop good parenting habits and subsequently good habits in your children. Why? Well, it's hard to get a fourth-grader to go to sleep at a decent hour if he's never had to before. It's also hard to have a serious conversation with your fifteen-year-old if you've never talked to her about important things . As you'll see, parenting can bring great joy-all the time Your worries don't have to come true. Rebellion is not normal. Love and joy in your family can be real And it begins with just ten simple basics.


  • SKU: 2370004465777
  • Title: Practical Parenting: Ten basics that produce great kids
  • Publisher: Annotation Press
  • Release Date: Jun 25, 2012
  • Pages: 96
  • Subject: Parenting - Child Rearing