Praying the Names of God: A Daily Guide

(ePUB - Sep 2008)
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A twenty-six-week devotional study by the bestselling coauthor of Women of the BibleNames in the ancient world did more than simply distinguish one person from another, they often conveyed the essential nature and character of a person. This is especially true when it comes to the names of God recorded in the Bible. Praying the Names of God explores the primary names and titles of God in the Old Testament to reveal the deeper meanings behind them. El Shadday, Elohim, Adonay, Abba, El Elyon---God Almighty, Mighty Creator, Lord, Father, God Most High---these are just a few of the names and titles of God that yield rich insights into his nature and character. Praying the Names of God shows readers how to study and pray God's names by focusing each week on one of the primary names or titles of God. * Monday---readers study a portion of Scripture that reveals the name. * Tuesday--Thursday---readers pray specific Scripture passages related to the name. * Friday---readers pray Scripture promises connected to the name. By incorporating the divine names and titles into their prayers---and learning about the biblical context in which the name was revealed---readers will gain a more intimate understanding of who God is and how he can be relied on in every circumstance of their lives.Praying the Names of God is a unique devotional, one that offers a rich program of daily prayer and study designed to lead people into fresh encounters with the living God. The book is also available as an Abridged Audio Pages CD.


  • SKU: 9780310309178
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  • Title: Praying the Names of God: A Daily Guide
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Release Date: Sep 09, 2008
  • Category: DEVOTIONALS
  • Subject: Christian Life - Devotional