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Dressed in a colorful jumper, white gloves and black hat with a polka-dotted bow, there's little question that Miss PattyCake has won the attention and hearts hundreds of thousands of toddlers and pre-school kids, Through her videos, high energy live performances and work with charities and missions, Miss PattyCake, represented by Jean Thomason, has proven to be an unusually successful real-life character in an age largely dominated by animation. But it's Miss PattyCake's message-one which invites children and parents alike to talk about the love of God-that makes her stand out among children's entertainers. Miss Pattycake's Preschool Fun Songs brings the most popular moving tracks from Miss PattyCake; a complete catalog of the most fun Pattycake has for children under 5 on one DVD!


  • SKU: 0878207012092
  • UPC: 878207012092
  • Title: PreSchool fun Songs
  • Publisher: In: Ciite
  • Release Date: Sep 24, 2013
  • Weight lbs: 0.20
  • Dimensions: 7.50" L x 5.30" W x 0.60" H