Preaching from the Soul

(ePUB - Jul 2011)
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Defines "soul preaching" as giving one's whole self to the task of proclamation. Careful biblical interpretation, insights into contemporary life, polished delivery, humorous anecdotes . these are the building blocks of preaching that genuinely reaches people, right? Wrong! says J. Ellsworth Kalas. Many preachers seem to know all the fine points of exegesis and inflectin, yet their sermons leave their listeners surprisingly unmove; they are aware that they are in the presence of good speaking, but not great preaching. The difference, Kalas reminds us, lies in that hard-to-define yet essential quality known as soul. Soul is the collection of those perspectives and convictions that matter most to the preacher. Soul preaching means offering one's particular ideas, attitudes, and convictions fully to the congregation. When one preaches with soul, one engages the biblical text with the core of one's values and beliefs. While the concept may sound simple, the reality is anything but. In the clear, insightful style for which he is known, Kalas takes readers on a path of discovery, introducing them to the unique gifts that they can bring to preaching, as well as the best way to engage those gifts in preparing and delivering the sermon.


  • SKU: 9781426720802
  • SKU10: 1426720807
  • Title: Preaching from the Soul
  • Publisher: Abingdon Press
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2011
  • Category: PASTORAL HELPS
  • Subject: Christian Theology - Christology