Pregnant in the Spirit: Birthing a Life of Total Fulfillment Your True Purpose

(Paperback - Mar 2009)
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KNOWING IS MORE THAN HALF THE BATTLE There are many books, sermons taught, and workshops given on Purpose and Destiny fulfillment. In spite of all, there still remain countless people all over the world that lack TOTAL fulfillment in their lives. Why? The intangible and inevitable journey to this life of TOTAL fulfillment (e.g., your wildest dreams, your true purpose, your destiny) is unclear to many people in the world. This intangible journey as described in PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT is the process of spiritual pregnancy and paralleled to natural pregnancy from Conception to Manifestation. To lack clarity, undderstanding, confidence and peace about this intangible process people (men and women) generally suffer a spiritual abortion (killing, avoiding, or never pursuing a life of TOTAL fulfillment. Or, more commonly, people experience a spiritual premature birth (birthing the dream before its time) which ultimately results in discouragement (even depression) C doubt and unbelief in what they so strongly once believed. Break free from the doubt, fear, and uncertainty that plague so many people's lives, hindering them from ever attaining a life of TOTAL fulfillment In PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT you will discover Clarity Where are you in your journey? What are the prerequisites for the process of spiritual pregnancy? How do you know if youre going through a transition or turmoil? How do you know that youre on the right track towards your destiny? What do you continue to endure because its just the process and what do you let go? Understanding A thoroughly defined insight of each phase and period that you will inevitably go through on this journey. The good and bad symptoms and when theyre mostlikely to occur as it relates to each period of your journey. Confidence and Peace Discover the power within you that yields you a spiritual freedom and ability to conquer life without traditional processes of man or religion. Through this spiritual freedom and awareness, become 100% confident of your direction and its outcome.


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  • Title: Pregnant in the Spirit: Birthing a Life of Total Fulfillment Your True Purpose
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