Preguntas provocativas 2: Para hacer hablar y pensar a los adolescentes

(ePUB - Apr 2013)
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In the best-selling footsteps of Would You Rather . . . ?, What If . . . ?, and Have You Ever . . . ? comes Unfinished Sentences -- another collection of sometimes lighthearted, sometimes poignant, and always provocative discussion starters guaranteed to get teenagers talking, thinking, debating. Get the discussion ball rolling with 450 incomplete sentences that can be used anytime, anywhere for breaking the ice, stimulating discussions, building community, getting kids to wrestle with spiritual issues -- or use them just for fun! The convenient size makes Unfinished sentences easy to stick in your pocket or in the glove box -- a resource you won't want your library or your youth ministry team to be without!


  • SKU: 9780829764710
  • SKU10: 0829764712
  • Title: Preguntas provocativas 2: Para hacer hablar y pensar a los adolescentes
  • Publisher: Vida
  • Release Date: Apr 25, 2013
  • Edition: #1
  • Language: Spanish
  • Category: YOUTH MINISTRY
  • Subject: Christian Ministry - Youth
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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

1 The first words out of my mouth in the morning are .

2 When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I usually .

3 When I need to go somewhere to think, I will most often .

4 When I consider the beauty of God's creation .

5 The last date I had was .

6 My parents think I drive .

7 My favorite fragrance is .

8 When I see a beautiful painting, I .

9 My parents make me mad when they .

10 When someone has hurt me verbally, I will .

11 When I'm introduced to someone for the first time,I usually .

12 My favorite time of day is .

13 A family tradition that brings our family closer together is .

14 People would describe my bedroom as .

15 People find it pretty funny when I .

16 I'm looking forward to .

17 I'm most like my dad when .

18 In the last month in my life, God has .

19 I usually pray about .

20 What I like least about my room is .

21 Two things I would like to accomplish in the next year include .

22 My room is cool because .

23 My routine in getting up in the morning is .

24 The most courageous person I have ever met or heard about is .

25 My favorite family tradition is .

26 The best thing about our youth group is .

27 I usually eat a sandwich by .

28 I feel close to my parents when .

29 I enjoy being around people who .

30 I enjoy reading .

31 My favorite food is .

32 One way to improve our youth group would be .

(Continues .)


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