Real Peace, Real Security: The Challenges of Global Citizenship

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While just-war theorists hold that war is the last resort, many are now focusing on what is the first resort- what are the multiple tasks that can prevent war and resolve longstanding conflicts. Although there has been a fundamental shift in debates over military policy, these debates are not widely known, even among those within religious communities who are committed to nonviolence and peacemaking. Real Peace, Real Security is a brief introduction to these debates that is vivid, compelling, and accessible to people across the poliltical spectrum - conservatives, moderates, liberals, and pacifists. Welch invites people to enter a timely and compelling ethical and political reframing of the nature of enduring security and sustainable peace. Includes a foreword by William F. Schulz, former Executive Director of Amnesty International, USA.


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  • Title: Real Peace, Real Security: The Challenges of Global Citizenship
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