Realization of the Divine Oneness: A Revelation of Enlightenment

(Paperback - Mar 2009)
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A Revelation of Enlightenment
Sunny Baba
We can realize our inherent divinity
Without abandoning our humanity.
Out of the American wilderness comes a fresh voice, calling for humanity to awaken from its sleep of Separation from the Divine Reality. Sunny Baba is a reclusive mystic who has spent his early life searching for the Truth. He spent many years sitting at the feet of spiritual masters worldwide - embracing their teachings and practices - then coming to a more simple and direct method of enlightenment for the modern world. Realization of the Divine Oneness is a readily accessible guide to the everyday practice of being in communion with God.
This book cuts to the root of our presumption of separation from God. In this simple book, Sunny takes us on a journey into examining the basic premise upon which we base our individual identity and our relationship with the Divine Being. He challenges us to re-examine the long-held belief that God is somewhere above and beyond earthly life. He helps us take a fresh look at the very nature of our existence as embodied human beings.
Sunny's approach takes the reader step by step into examining the creation of the ego and the resulting sense of separation that it fosters. He takes the reader into the discovery of our Inherent Oneness with God, awakening us to our True Nature - thus, his offering is based on the recognition of the Oneness that engulfs us. This is a simple, direct awakening to The Reality that is always already the case. It is not a search at all, but rather a present moment Realization of the Divine Oneness.
This spiritual approach is a fresh and direct, yet ancient, practice of transcendence that leads to Enlightenment. The mystery of the Enlightenment process is made as simple and direct as possible - using our everyday lives as a method of "true meditation." The author uses his own life practices as teaching examples for how we can move beyond our own ego's self-centeredness into a state of active "open eyes meditation" which results in profound God Realization.
He addresses this chaotic time on Earth and explains in very simple, common language how we have created this destructive world drama - through our ignorance of the Oneness that surrounds us. We are thus called to look at the truth of our situation and take responsibility for our unconscious creation of the present world situation. Realization of the Divine Oneness is a very practical wake-up call for all of us to look at the real underlying cause of our feeling separated from God in our daily lives. It is a guide for helping us quiet our busy minds in order to receive Divine guidance.
Sunny invites us to make our everyday life a form of worship, and he helps us recognize how our ego gets in the way of being in God communion, which prevents us from being able to recognize the Divine Being in everyone. This book offers us a simple key to ending the struggles and wars that have plagued the world for so long.
Sunny's heartfelt desire is that you the reader, as well as he, can truthfully say:
I follow my heart's desires.
I am creative in all that I do.
I am in love with life ITSELF.
I continuously acknowledge that I am being lived by the Divine Being.
I am full of gratitude for every moment of existence.
I see the Divine Plan unfolding perfectly around me.
I recognize God as "everyone" and "everything," high and low.
I often feel this uncaused Joy in my heart, which I call "the Joy of Being."
Just for me to exist is more than enough reason for Joy.
My mind is quiet and peace-full.
My body is healthy and happy and relaxed.
Even though enlightened, you remain a very ordinary human being. You don't lose your humanity when you realize your divinity. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you become truly human - fully human.


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