Release Your Words - Impact Your World: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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All the wisdom of Solomon can be captured in Ecclesiastes 3:1. There is a season for every thing and every purpose has a time. Now is the time and purpose for your season. God has looked down from heaven and decreed that it is time for your purpose to be revealed. For you see, the plan and purpose of God has not been hidden FROM you, but is has been hidden FOR you Now is your time and this is your season.There is a real enemy and his purpose is to steal, kill and destroy your voice However, Jesus has come to give life to your voice and to give purpose to your life. In the original Greek language of the New Testament, the word translated steal is the Greek word kleptoo, which is where we get the word kleptomaniac . It also means to take away by stealth.When we choose NOT to write and publish the voice that God has given us, we are allowing stealth to remove the voice of God from the earth. It is time to be silent no longer Do not allow stealth to take away or destroy your voice from the earth. To destroy means to perish, to be lost, ruined and destroyed forever. God has given you a voice, a revelation, and an anointing that He does not want to be lost, ruined, or destroyed forever. Further study shows the word life comes from the Greek word zoe which means the absolute fullness of life or the God-kind of life.Jesus came to give us the absolute fullness of life in abundance. Now, He wants us to give out to others all that He has poured into us. Freely we receive and freely we give. The Lord desires to release His voice through your voice today Now is the time.Seasons come and seasons go. Life is full of seasons. Our God wants your life to be complete with seasons of absolute abundance. As the Lord has poured His revelation and anointing into your life, He wants you to allow that anointing or unction to flow through you for generations to come. Your anointing begins here, but will last into eternity. The plan and purpose God has ordained for your life is not just for now, but it is forever.God has put eternity in your heart. The Creator of the Universe has given you an anointing that will abide forever. Not only will you live forever with Him, but His intention is that your anointing and your purpose will live forever. It has been said that the richest place in the world is the graveyard because of all of the unpublished books and unwritten songs that are lost forever. These things should not be The graveyard is not the eternity that God intends for your purpose. Do not let your epitaph be, Here lie the greatest books, greatest songs, and best ideas of all mankind. Eternity is waiting for you. The entire Earth is groaning and waiting for what the God of the Universe has to say through you. The Lord gave you a voice that counts. Your voice is important God has placed His voice His word in you and He wants it to be heard throughout His Kingdom. The enemy - the devil - would like nothing better than to silence your voice. He may have told you that you have nothing to say and that you are unimportant. However, Jesus did not come to this earth to die for things that are unimportant . God gave his son for you; therefore, you have something to say.The Apostle Paul is known for writing over half of the New Testament. It is not as well known that the majority of his writing was done while he was imprisoned. What the devil meant for evil, God turned for good. Paul could have easily become discouraged in his walk with the Lord. He was beaten, put in chains, shipwrecked and even thrown in jail. In the end, however, Paul was neither discouraged nor dismayed; he was strong in faith. The Apostle Paul?'s words will last for all eternity.The end of his race was at hand, but he wanted to ensure that all who followed would hear his testimony. Had these words not been recorded and made public, he would have taken them to his grave and never been heard again. The book of Timothy was written while Paul was under house arrest in Rome. Even though he was imprisoned, Paul fulfilled his purpose You may feel like your words and your influence are in prison. You may feel like your purpose is under house arrest. At the right time and in the right season, the Lord wants to bring forth the purpose for your voice. At that time, you must be obedient and he will provide a platform to release your voice.Writing and publishing is that outlet. If you feel like you are in a dead-end job and your voice is locked inside yourself, I have good news for you. There is a purpose in your prison. Take this time while you are hidden away and write Allow your voice to be heard for all eternity. As you write and publish, your voice is released into eternity. Now is the time to release your words and impact your world.


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  • Title: Release Your Words - Impact Your World: Let Your Voice Be Heard!
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