Seventh Day(library Edition)

(CD - Sep 2010)
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Eve, the widow of Absalom the Scribe, has one thing to live for--her only son, Abel. She is resigned to her own suffering but grieves over Abel's every rasping breath. She's heard of a great Healer who walks the earth, doing miracles. Could the rumors be true? What if she could reach Him? Would there be a miracle for Abel . if he could survive the arduous journey? While riffling through the archives under the Temple Mount, religious leader Ra'nabel ben Dives discovers startling information about a child who escaped the slaughter of Herod the Great's soldiers. "If King Herod Antipas and High Priest Caiaphas don't know," ben Dives schemes, "perhaps I can turn this news to my own advantage" Meanwhile, in Bethany, El'azar, a close friend of Yeshua's, grows seriously ill. Miryam and Marta, his sisters, quickly send word to Yeshua, but Yeshua delays. The sisters wonder why He does not come. Does He not care?


  • SKU: 9781609810351
  • SKU10: 160981035X
  • Title: Seventh Day(library Edition)
  • Series: A.D. Chronicles
  • Publisher: Oasis Audio
  • Date Published: Sep 2010
  • Playing Time: 495
  • Units Per Item: 7
  • Weight lbs: 0.45
  • Dimensions: 6.50" L x 6.80" W x 1.00" H
  • Subject: Christian - Historical


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