Sleepy Shoes

(Paperback - Mar 2010)
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Sleepy Shoes is an exciting adventure which journeys into the world of the shoes who live in Hannah-Beth's closet. Each shoe explores active adventures in their respective genres. Each shoe, that is, except Sleepy Shoes. Sleepy Shoes are a pair of soft, fuzzy, and warm slippers who chose to spend their days lying around doing nothing but sleeping. All of the other shoes petition their friends to join them in their grand adventures, but they are all saddened at the lack of active choices displayed by these fuzzy slippers. We are allowed to witness the active adventures of the shoes and to revel in their positive consequences for their strong and active choices. For example, Ballet asks Sleepy Shoes to join her on a dancing adventure. She chooses to continue her adventure without Sleepy Shoes when they simply lie there and sleep, sleep, sleep, giving her no verbal responses and no feedback for her choice of active behavior. On her adventure, Ballet is inundated with accolades and floral gifts as she twirls, whirls, wiggles, and giggles during her dance recital. Thus it is with each shoe who approaches Sleepy Shoes with the promise of active adventures. Each shoe is met with the same nonresponsive and slothful attitude from their friends. And, each friend makes the decision to continue their adventure without Sleepy Shoes. Through their adventures, we are reminded that life is a series of choices and the benefits of active choices will shine in a life blessed. Free Preview: In Hannah-Beth's closet there are all kinds of shoes. There are flip-flops and sandals. There are dressy shoes and Princess-y shoes. There are Cowboy boots and hiking boots. There are ballet shoes. There are sports shoes. There are even one pair of Sleepy Shoes. Sleepy Shoes? What are Sleepy Shoes? Sleepy Shoes are fuzzy and soft and warm. They lie around all day and do nothing but sleep. All the other shoes want them to come out and play. But Sleepy Shoes just want to sleep. All day long, just sleep, sleep, sleep.


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  • Title: Sleepy Shoes
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