Spiritual Portals for Seniors: A Guide to a More Spiritual Life for Seniors

(Paperback - 2008)
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Every Moment of Life is a Miracle
A lot has been written about spirituality. I decided to sift through these writings and select the important ideas that would help seniors come closer to God. I had learned that the presence of God in my life made my illness, chronic pain, feelings of loneliness, and other problems common to the elderly, more acceptable. At the age of 79, I began my fourth book for seniors, Spiritual Portals for Seniors. I placed myself in God s hands and prayed that He would help me guide people to a closer relationship with Him.
Each of you who pick up this book already has a preconceived notion of religion, God, and prayer. Your ideas may not be the same as your neighbor s, or even your family s, but they will possess a common element the concept of prayer. I realized that there was a special need for a book about senior and spirituality, author David Silva says. I had observed God working miracles in senior lives and it was time to record this in an effort to help all seniors find the rewarding experience of being a spiritual person during their senior years. In Spiritual Portals for Seniors, he does just that. Silva shares his thoughts on how to make life worthwhile and how to strengthen your own personal relationship with God during your golden years.


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  • Title: Spiritual Portals for Seniors: A Guide to a More Spiritual Life for Seniors
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  • Date Published: Oct 2008
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