The Legend of the Tree

(ePUB - Apr 2013)
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Meet Meten, a boy determined to escape from his birthplace and create a better life. Meet Libethia, a girl eager to find the strength to claim her birthright. Meet Riz, a silent street kid trying to survive. Discover how they are pulled into the search for a legendary tree. Travel with these unlikely companions as they encounter unruly terrains, slave traders, dangerous creatures, and war. While dealing with their own secrets and suspicions, they must overcome personal trials and face the injustices that permeate every corner of their world. However, the most challenging part of their journey might be realizing the truth about themselves and learning to trust in God.


  • SKU: 2370004851808
  • Title: The Legend of the Tree
  • Publisher: WinePress Publishing
  • Release Date: Apr 01, 2013
  • Edition: #1
  • Pages: 368
  • Subject: Religious - Christian - General