The Mysteries of Investing Revealed: Investing in Common Stocks

(ePUB - Aug 2012)
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Invest in common stocks? Gary Wilson believes almost everyone needs to invest in common stocks. Only common stocks have the ability to grow in value at a sufficient rate to meet retirement goals and provide the average investor with the ability to beat the inroads of inflation. In fact, he believes an investor needs an average return of 15% to meet all of an investor's needs. Is an average return of 15% doable? Gary answers that question in this book. He goes even further, teaching the small investor how to meet this target return. This book includes the information a small investor needs to use common stocks to prepare for the future. He also includes common stock recommendations and the tools to evaluate some of these recommendations. The world is changing. The world of investing is changing. What does all this mean to the average investor trying to meet his day to day needs? Gary provides answers to this question and many more. He examines such things as derivatives, exchange traded funds, mutual funds and more in addition to just common stocks. Practical guidance is provided for evaluating and using some of the newer investments available to all common stock investors. Yes, the world is changing, and the world of investing is changing too. Yesterday, it was enough to invest in the United States. Today an investor must think globally. Tomorrow, the small investor will not have the luxury of ignoring international markets. We are moving rapidly to a global economy characterized by a limited number of leading stock exchanges open twenty-four hours per day. The global economy is moving towards a limited number of leading currencies used in global trade. Either we invest accordingly, or we will find ourselves assigned to the backwashes of the world.


  • SKU: 2370004589824
  • Title: The Mysteries of Investing Revealed: Investing in Common Stocks
  • Publisher: Annotation Press
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
  • Pages: 276
  • Category: BUSINESS
  • Subject: Finance - General