The Pursuit of God (The Definitive Classic)

(ePUB - Oct 2013)
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Written during a train trip in the late 1940s, "The Pursuit of God "shows how God pursues humans to draw them into a relationship with Himself, while humans thirst after the things of God--though they attempt to fill this thirst with things other than worship of their Creator. Tozer explores different aspects of this desire within the human heart, calling readers to examine what they believe and put aside preconceived ideas that disrupt this relationship with God. "It is a solemn thing," he writes, "to see God's children starving while actually seated at the Father's table. This book is a modest attempt to aid God's hungry children so to find Him."


  • SKU: 9780830768790
  • SKU10: 0830768793
  • Title: The Pursuit of God (The Definitive Classic)
  • Publisher: Regal
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2013
  • Edition: #1
  • Pages: 192
  • Subject: Christian Life - Spiritual Growth