The Solomon Secret: 7 Principles of Financial Success from King Solomon, History's Wealthiest Man

(ePUB - Sep 2009)
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Using Solomon's life and teachings as a foundation, Bruce Fleet offers today's readers a unique, well-grounded, proven method of wise investing.
Solomon was more than just a character in the Bible? he was the richest man who ever lived. If we could learn from him directly, today, what would he teach us about how to grow in riches and knowledge? And how can we relate his life and wisdom to the society and successful financial planning of our contemporary world? Bruce Fleet's "The Solomon Secret" brings together instructional parables highlighting the wisdom of history's wealthiest and wisest man, with practical and sound financial advice for twenty-first-century readers.
In the bestselling tradition of "The Richest Man in Babylon, The Solomon Secret" follows King Solomon as he mentors his young protege, Abidan, on the seven basic principles of life and how they influence financial success. Each of these parables illustrates a key principle that Abidan must discover before he can garner more wealth and happiness, and is then proceeded by Fleet's masterful application of these principles to the reader's life and to the most urgent and essential financial questions of our time. Fleet, a successful financial adviser and owner of a large investment firm, draws from the time-honored and historically proven wisdom of the life of the ancient king to offer?through the siphon of his own talent and perspective?the very best in financial strategies for today's challenging economic climate.
An accessible and effective mix of teaching stories with powerful financial lessons, "The Solomon Secret" is a highly readable, informative guide to becoming wealthy and wise.


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  • Title: The Solomon Secret: 7 Principles of Financial Success from King Solomon, History's Wealthiest Man
  • Publisher: Tarcher
  • Release Date: Sep 03, 2009
  • Category: BUSINESS
  • Subject: Investments & Securities - General