Star of Christmas

(DVD - Oct 2002)
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It's 1880's London, and Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps (Bob and Larry) are putting the finishing touches on their first Christmas musical-"The Princess and the Plumber". Filled with spectacle and more electric lights than London has ever seen, Cavis is convinced his impressive show will "teach London to love!" Unfortunately, a church Christmas pageant staged by little Edmund Gilbert (Junior Asparagus) is opening the same night, right down the street, and features the "Star of Christmas"-a priceless artifact that hasn't been seen in 80 years! Just how far will Cavis go to make sure his show opens on top? Find out in this hilarious, action-packed adventure which teaches that it's the true story of God's love that shows us how to love one another-at Christmas time and throughout the year! Bonus features: * Audio Commentary * Behind the Scenes * Concept Art * Progression Reel * Ye Olde Silly Synth * Trivia Challenge! * Sing-Along: "While By My Sheep * The Toy That Saved Christmas Storybook * Millward's Mirror Morpher * Family Fun Activity * Hidden Easter Eggs * Very Veggie Christmas Tunes * Bob and Larry's Countertop Recipes * DVD-ROM Fun


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  • Title: Star of Christmas
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Press Release

Brand New Holiday Musical Special
Full of Magic, Theatrics and Vegetables!
Perfect Stocking Stuffer Premieres October 29th on VHS & DVD

CHICAGO (September 18, 2002) — Big Idea Productions, creators of the best-selling VeggieTales children’s video series, ushers in the holiday season with a joyous new VeggieTales musical extravaganza, The Star of Christmas. Featuring everyone’s favorite Veggie characters in a brand-new heartfelt holiday release, The Star of Christmas is being distributed by Warner Home Video and WEA Corp. and will be available to own October 29, 2002 on VHS for $14.99 SRP and DVD for $19.99 SRP.

Following the release of VeggieTales’ first holiday episode, the popular The Toy That Saved Christmas (Big Idea’s biggest selling title with over 2.5 million units sold to date), and inspired by the grand tradition of Gilbert & Sullivan’s legendary musicals, The Star of Christmas is a “uniquely Veggie” take on a simple story of the true meaning of Christmas. With classic VeggieTales humor, stunning animation, delightful song-and-dance numbers and a whimsical cast of characters including Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Archibald Asparagus, Jimmy Gourd, Laura Carrot, Madame Blueberry, Jean Claude Pea and Pa Grape - The Star of Christmas is unlike anything Veggie fans have seen before!

It’s Christmas time in 1880’s London. Tired of their lives writing jingles for Durling’s Dental Wax, Cavis Appythart (Bob the Tomato) and Millward Phelps (Larry the Cucumber) are putting the finishing touches on their very first theatrical Christmas Spectacular – “The Princess and the Plumber.” Filled with song, spectacle and more electric lights than 19th Century London has ever seen, Cavis is sure his new show has what it takes to “teach London to love!” Unfortunately, our boys have hit a few snags. With only three days left, Millward has yet to finish the script, they have no princess, and Cavis still hasn’t convinced England’s most influential theatre critic, Prince Frederick, to attend. To top it all off, little Edmund Gilbert’s (Junior Asparagus) Christmas pageant, featuring the re-unveiling of “The Star of Christmas,” a priceless artifact that hasn’t been seen in 79 years, is scheduled for the same night!

If Cavis and Millward are to stand a chance against the celebrated “Star of Christmas” and a determined young asparagus, drastic measures will have to be taken. Will Millward finish the script? Will Cavis get the Prince to attend? Or will their dream of fame, fortune and high-wattage theatrics go up in smoke?

Find out as the artists at Big Idea Productions take you on an adventure through bell towers and jail cells, flying over London in a rocket-powered horseless carriage, and all the way to a new understanding of the one Christmas story that really can teach us to love each other!

Big Idea Productions is a family media company committed to providing entertaining stories that help parents teach children important life lessons in a delightfully wacky way. Based in the Chicago area, Big Idea Productions is best known for its award-winning VeggieTales animated series which, combined with the new Larryboy and 3-2-1 Penguins series, have sold over 30 million videos and over 3 million albums of chart-topping audio since 1993. In addition to extending the property into licensing, publishing and live entertainment arenas, the Company will release their first-ever feature film, Jonah – a VeggieTales Movie on October 4, through Artisan’s Family Home Entertainment Pictures. Big Idea is recognized as the leading producer and creator of values-based product reflecting a Judeo-Christian worldview in the family entertainment industry.

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Trivia Fun

The Star of Christmas
DVD – Trivia Questions


Who did Millward and Cavis invite to their show?
A. Arthur Hollingshead
B. Reverend Gilbert
C. Prince Frederick
D. Uncle Fester

Who did Cavis and Millward want to play the princess?
A. Laura Carrot
B. Effie Pickering
C. Charles Pincher
D. Moyer the Destroyer

What is Percy Pea allergic to?
A. Shellfish
B. Light bulbs
C. Strawberry cheese
D. Cotton balls

Who is the custodian at the church?
A. Cavis
B. Moyer
C. Edmund
D. Qwerty

What does every show in London need in order to be a hit?
A. A pea dressed as a sheep
B. Billboards advertising it in the mall
C. A good word from the prince
D. A guest appearance by the Smothers Brothers

What do Cavis and Millward do to try and save their show?
A. Kidnap the Crown Prince
B. Dress up Seymour as the prince
C. Convince Edmund to cancel his pageant
D. Steal the Star of Christmas

What does Millward think the Star of Christmas looks like?
A. A turtle
B. A starfish
C. A chicken
D. Cavis’s mother

Who owns the theater where Cavis and Millward’s play was to be held? A. Arthur Hollingshead
B. Grandpa George
C. Uncle Nezzer
D. Colonel Sanders

What instrument does Millward play in jail?
A. A theremin
B. A harmonica
C. Bongo drums
D. A pipe organ

What do the veggies use to make it to the church on time?
A. Skateboards
B. A bicycle built for four
C. A pair of ruby slippers
D. Seymour’s rocket carriage


For what word could Millward not find a rhyme?
A. Waffle
B. Possum
C. Squiggle
D. Plumber

What powered Seymour’s horseless carriage?
A. Internal combustion engine
B. Steam engine
C. Rockets
D. Good ol’ fashioned chickens

On what day was The Princess and the Plumber to open?
A. Christmas Day
B. The Fourth of July
C. Valentine’s Day
D. Christmas Eve

What church was putting on a pageant on Christmas Eve?
A. St. Bart’s
B. St. Mary’s
C. St. Luke’s
D. St. Elsewhere’s

How long has it been since the Star of Christmas was displayed?
A. Almost a week
B. 8 months
C. 79 years
D. 201 years

For what newspaper does reporter Arthur Hollingshead work?
A. Archeology Digest
B. Electric Lights Monthly
C. The London Post-Gazette
D. Balloon Animal Times

In what sport was Moyer “the Destroyer” a champion?
A. Boxing
B. Wrestling
C. Lawn darts
D. Skiball

From whom does the plumber save the princess in the play?
A. A pack of wild turkeys
B. The Turtle of Damascus
C. The Penguin Mafia
D. The Monkey King

Who played the constable who arrested Cavis and Millward?
A. Mr. Lunt
B. Jerry Gourd
C. The Peach
D. Miss Effie Pickering

Where did Moyer keep the real Star of Christmas?
A. His sock drawer
B. Under the couch cushion
C. Locked in a safe
D. In his coat pocket

Character Bios

1. Moyer "the Destroyer" McGonnical - Moyer grew up on the tough docks of Glasgow, and from a very young age had to learn to defend himself. But this means of survival would later become Moyer's calling card, and he would go on to become second runner-up in the 1851 World Exposition Prize Fights. Shortly after that Moyer moved to Alaska where he founded a haggis import business. Failing to convert the Eskimos to the finer points of Scottish cuisine, Moyer moved to England, where he is now the caretaker of St. Bart's Church in London.

2. Seymour Schwenk -A famous inventor who gained notoriety by creating a dancing troupe of mechanical mice. The troupe (known as Les Souris Magnifiques) went on to perform in St. Petersburg, where they ran amuck and ultimately caused the downfall of the Romanov dynasty. Schwenk's reputation was already assured, however, and he later invented such things as edible pogo sticks, a coal-powered toothbrush, and large pants.

3. Miss Effie Pickering -Effie was born a poor blueberry in Liverpool. After moving to Paris, she studied drama under the acclaimed impresario Pierre Puree. She brought the house down with her portrayal of Floria in Puccini's Tosca.

4. Cavis Appythart - Former jingle writer at the Durling Dental Wax Company, Cavis aspired to greatness with his production of The Princess and the Plumber. Sadly, however, over-indulgence in electric lights proved to be his downfall.

5. Millward Phelps -Writing partner of Cavis Appythart at the Durling Dental Wax Company, Milward is the only cucumber in history to successfully use the words 'blossom' and 'possum' in the same line of verse and have them make a certain amount of sense.


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