Tough Topics: 600 Questions That Will Take Your Students Beneath the Surface

(Paperback - Aug 2003)
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This collection of provocative discussion questions is guaranteed to get teenagers talking, thinking, and debating. It follows in the footsteps of the best-selling Would You Rather ?, What If ?, and Unfinished Sentences. Each set of questions is followed by thought-provoking ideas, facts, and verses to think about. Adaptable content makes the book an easy-to-use resource for large or small groups at youth meetings, retreats, small group discussions, mission trips, and more. With its compact size, it s convenient to carry along wherever you go. Examples of questions include: Which would be better? To have your prayers answered or to be constantly full of joy? Which would be worse? To eat what you don t like or to crave what you can t have? Which would be better? Fresh-baked, soft, chewy cookies or a nice thick, juicy steak? Which would be worse? To have a parachute fail or to ski into a tree?"


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  • Title: Tough Topics: 600 Questions That Will Take Your Students Beneath the Surface
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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

Are You Ready to Dive Below the Surface?

Should crucial life choices be based on feelings-which are changeable-or on a solid foundation of thoughts informed by teachings and principles that are unchangeable?

In an effort to take your students beyond mere opinion and emotion, each question in this book begins with either "Which would be better?" or "Which would be worse?" This kind of wording typically requires a solid determination instead of just an emotional estimation.

You'll also notice the "Taking It Deeper" boxes in the first section-you can use them to offer commentary that'll get your students thinking more critically about specific topics. Feel free to read the commentary to your students word-for-word, or if you wish, alter the text to suit your tastes and your students' needs.

There are also "nonsense" questions to inject a little levity into the discussions-or to just throw your students completely off the path! Either way, it should be fun.

The last time I checked, there was no peer pressure-among any age group-to either sleep in an itchy wool suit or a bed of fiberglass insulation. But asking students to express definitive judgments on harmless topics is a great way to get them to take risks and speak their minds. Taking stands on the things that really matter is a learned skill; it doesn't come naturally. Starting small with subjects that are risk-free, inane, quirky, and silly can be a fun way to begin that all-important learning process.

Now take the plunge!

275 Questions on Tough Topics about Life, Relationships, and God

1. Which would bebetter?

Working through a difficult problem on your own or having someone give you the answer

2. Which would beworse?

Performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an alcoholic bum or having someone sneeze in your face

3. Which would bebetter?

Playing video games or shopping with birthday money

4. Which would beworse?

Looking for water in the desert or making a fire in the snowy Arctic Circle

5. Which would bebetter?

Being head custodian at the White House or president of the United States

6. Which would beworse?

Losing the Super Bowl or having a losing season

7. Which would bebetter?

Being gifted at remembering names or remembering information

8. Which would bebetter?

Being a preacher or a popular Las Vegas entertainer

9. Which would beworse?

Being tongue-tied in front of a large audience or vomiting on yourself on an airplane

10. Which would beworse?

Never eating pizza again or never wearing stylish clothing again

Taking It Deeper

[A Thought to Consider]

Everyone wants to be popular, and most people desire to be wealthy, but very few people would choose a job that includes being unpopular at times and not being very wealthy, ever. How would you answer if the last question if it were rephrased: "Which would be better-being rich and striving for popularity or being poor and pursuing God's will in your life?"



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