Training Children to Be Strong in Spirit

(ePUB - Feb 2012)
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God clearly favors some people over all others. Noah, Abraham, Ruth, David, Job, Samuel, and Daniel all found special favor with God. We are not talking about God having a warm, fuzzy feeling for them, but of treating them in a favorable way, an insider relationship, if you will. Abraham was "called the friend of God." John was "the disciple whom Jesus loved" and the other eleven disciples knew he enjoyed that special distinction. Learn how to make simple changes in how you raise your children and thereby put them in the stream of God's special favor and blessing. In addition, you can train your children so that in the here and now throughout life, they attract the favor of others. You can do it.


  • SKU: 9781616440442
  • SKU10: 1616440449
  • Title: Training Children to Be Strong in Spirit
  • Publisher: No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2012
  • Pages: 201
  • Subject: Christian Life - Family