Unfinished Sentences: 450 Tantalizing Unfinished Sentences to Get Teenagers Talking and Thinking

(ePUB - Dec 2009)
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Get the discussion ball rolling with this collection of sometimes lighthearted, sometimes poignant, and always provocative discussion starters guaranteed to get teenagers talking, thinking, and debating.


  • SKU: 9780310853466
  • SKU10: 031085346X
  • Title: Unfinished Sentences: 450 Tantalizing Unfinished Sentences to Get Teenagers Talking and Thinking
  • Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2009
  • Pages: 144
  • Category: YOUTH MINISTRY
  • Subject: Christian Education - Children & Youth
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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

1 The first words out of my mouth in the morning are .

2 When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I usually .

3 When I need to go somewhere to think, I will most often .

4 When I consider the beauty of God's creation .

5 The last date I had was .

6 My parents think I drive .

7 My favorite fragrance is .

8 When I see a beautiful painting, I .

9 My parents make me mad when they .

10 When someone has hurt me verbally, I will .

11 When I'm introduced to someone for the first time,I usually .

12 My favorite time of day is .

13 A family tradition that brings our family closer together is .

14 People would describe my bedroom as .

15 People find it pretty funny when I .

16 I'm looking forward to .

17 I'm most like my dad when .

18 In the last month in my life, God has .

19 I usually pray about .

20 What I like least about my room is .

21 Two things I would like to accomplish in the next year include .

22 My room is cool because .

23 My routine in getting up in the morning is .

24 The most courageous person I have ever met or heard about is .

25 My favorite family tradition is .

26 The best thing about our youth group is .

27 I usually eat a sandwich by .

28 I feel close to my parents when .

29 I enjoy being around people who .

30 I enjoy reading .

31 My favorite food is .

32 One way to improve our youth group would be .

(Continues .)


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