When Evil Strikes

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Evil stalks the family of Pastor Ron Howard . . . watching, waiting for the right time and for the most vulnerable person to strike. Fifteen-year-old Twila Herrod is the chosen victim--a stranger rapes her. Another victim is her rapist, Eugene Morrow, who has endured long-term sexual abuse from a trusted uncle. An innocent baby is conceived in the violent act--will he become a third victim? When Evil Strikes reads like fiction, but the compelling story is true. Author Lila Wold Shelburne deftly weaves Satan's sinister perspective into the pages. One can feel evil lurking, whispering, seeking to crush the faith of committed Christians. Eugene Morrow grows up belittled and abused by an alcoholic father and weak mother. He can never do anything well enough to earn either parent's favor. Finally he quits trying, but his internal rage and frustration approach an explosion. Twila Herrod's parents rear their three children in a loving, Christian home. When they move to a new church in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, they buy a house next door to the Morrows. Eugene secretly watches Twila through the windows and longs for the loving relationships she has. One night Twila is home alone, and Eugene sees a way to prove himself--to get even for the abuse he suffered. Twila struggles but is overpowered by Eugene. Afterward, she feels too ashamed to tell her parents what happened and tries to purge the terrible experience from her mind. Then Twila realizes, to her horror, that new life is growing inside her. What should she do? What will her parents think? Abortion seems like a way out, and her parents would never have to know. How could she provide the home and family a baby deserves? Why didn't God prevent this? Despite the seemingly impossible circumstances, God is there with Twila and her family. In a beautiful way, He fulfills the promise of Romans 8:28: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him."


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  • Title: When Evil Strikes
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