Why a Shepherd?

Why a Shepherd?

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The third book in our exclusive "The Little Books of Why" series explores the significance of the familiar phrase "the Lord is my shepherd." Why would the Son of God describe Himself as "the good Shepherd?" And what does this pastoral scene have to do with you? Here’s why everything in life depends on a shepherd.

This great evangelistic tool includes an invitation to accept Christ. Stock up and hand them out to friends and family."Why a Crown?" and "Why a Manger?" also available.

Available for just $1.99 per book when you buy a case of 24.

Use "Why a Shepherd?" to share the message of Jesus this Christmas.
- Hand out to all church visitors
- Package with a plate of cookies for neighbors
- Put one on top of each Christmas gift
- Mail a copy of the book to long-distance family
- Leave a book with a generous tip at a restaurant
- Visit a rest home; hand out the book with flowers


  • SKU: 9780977056538
  • Title: Why a Shepherd?
  • Series: Little Books of Why
  • Publisher: Parable Exclusive

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