Everlasting Love
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The '97 Female Vocalist of the Year returns with bold expressions of solid faith! A return to Urban R&B: Well Alright, Life, Listen with Your Heart.


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  • Title: Everlasting Love
  • Publisher: Sparrow Corporation
  • Date Published: Mar 1998
  • Format: Album
  • Media: Compact Disc
  • Music Categories: Contemporary/Pop, Urban/R&B
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Exclusive Interview with
CeCe Winans @

interview.jpg (6833 bytes)

CeCe Winans took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk with about her new album, her family and her life.

Why did you decide to record this solo album?
It has been a couple years since my last album and I felt it was time to get back into the studio. I really prayed about what direction I should go with this one. [Everlasting Love] is more of an evangelistic piece. It is packed with substance but packaged in a way to reach everyone.

What was different about recording by yourself?
There are huge differences. It is a scary thing for me to step out by myself. I’m just used to having BeBe there. He takes control of a lot of areas of the album, the production and the writing. But this was something that God wanted me to do, at least for a season. I can see that there were things He wanted to do in me and through me as a solo artist. It has been a growing experience for me. I’m enjoying it more now. He has proved Himself to be in this move. I’m glad I listened to Him.

Do you still plan to tour and record with your brother?
I want to. If God says I should got back and record with BeBe tomorrow then it will be tomorrow, I just don’t know what God has planned. I think we both plan in our hearts to come together again.

You have said that you’re hoping the message of this album will reach everyone regardless of their background, is there a single message you tried to communicate?
God’s love has always been the main ingredient in drawing people to him. This album is about His greatness, but each song has its own message. The song "Come on Back Home" is sung to those who are in the fold, but have slid away. "What About You," asks people to examine themselves.

You have said that you are a mom first, how do you keep your family together with your hectic career?
It’s a miracle, it’s God. It’s not easy but it is possible. It’s all about keeping your priorities straight. Keeping God first and my family knowing they come right after that. Of course, I could not do what I do by myself. I have a wonderful husband.
It is also important to have a church home, a place you can go to get rehoned and refocused. I have to have that place where I can to cry out and get prayed for. With out God’s people and the prayer of the saints, I could not do what I do.
It is a constant juggling and it keeps my attention at all times. It only happens because I’m doing what God has called me to do.

Do you think your children will follow in your footsteps?
Both have a heart for acting and a love for music. I think [their careers] will definitely be in the arts. I just want them to be in the Lord. If they are in the Lord, then they won’t have any problems with me.

How do you nurture your faith in the midst of all your worldly success?
My own faith if the most important thing to me in life. If I don’t nourish my faith, I can’t do any of this. Without God I’m nothing. I have to spend time reading God’s Word and thinking on His goodness. I also have to make time to be around God’s people. Without that, I just can’t make it, I can’t even front it. There are times when I’m not in his presence and I just fall apart.

You have had huge success on both the Christian and secular charts, yet your music has remained Christ-focused, has there ever been a temptation to start singing "mainstream" music?
You definitely look at the success you could have had. But God has done what He’s done in my career because I’m serving Him. I know that without Him I wouldn’t even be near the charts. I know He made me to do this: in the midst of dark places to be the light.
And also, I know it’s not greener on the other side. I know that being rich is not the answer, because I know rich people who are unhappy.

What is next for you?
What’s next? That’s a good questions. We always ask God to show us His plan, but he only shows us just a little at a time. I just want Him to lead and guide me. It is just about being there and saying "Yes Lord."
I know that I will be touring in the near future.

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Gracious and genuine, CeCe Winans seems blissfully unaware of the fame and success she so gracefully shoulders. Over the course of her 10-year music career, CeCe has amassed 18 Grammy nominations and taken home eight. She haswon 9 Dove awards, and has seen three of her albums reach gold and two reach platinum.

Yet CeCe is quick to give all the credit where credit is due. "I know that without Him, I wouldn’t be anywhere near the charts," she said in a recent interview with "I know that He made me to do this: in the midst of dark places to be the light."

CeCe is hoping that her newest album, Everlasting Love, will take that light even farther. "It is definitely more of an evangelistic album," she said. "It is packed with substance, but packaged in way to reach everyone."

In this, her second solo album, CeCe has stretched her wings musically, venturing into more R&B and pop grooves, while remaining faithful to her solid Gospel lyrics. The musical artistry and innovation of the album will immediately catch your attention, while the lyrics quietly touch your soul.

"My pain has been erased, a new outlook, a brighter day," she sings in the song "Life." "Since you smiled down on my spirit all my burdens washed away, I’m born again, blessed and saved."

This entire album has been a step of faith for CeCe, who for most of her career has been known as half of the BeBe and CeCe duo. "It is a scary thing for me to step out by myself," she said. "I’m just used to having BeBe there. He takes control of a lot of things in the production and the writing."

Despite the challenges of going solo, CeCe couldn’t say no to her calling. "This was something that God wanted me to do," she said, "at least for a season." The entire process ended up being an enjoyable learning experience, but CeCe said she is ready to join her brother again. "I think we both plan in our hearts to come together again," she said.

As the eighth of 10 children in the famous Winans family, CeCe has been raised from birth treasuring family ties. Four of her older brothers formed the "Winans," which BeBe (Benjamin) and CeCe followed with their own duo. BeBe and CeCe’s 1988 albumHeaven soared to the Top 10 on Billboard'sUrban chart and it was the second gospel project to be certified gold since Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace in 1972. Since then both BeBe and CeCe have taken successful journeys as solo artists.

CeCe now has a family of her own and the challenges of keeping a family together while on the road have drawn her even closer to God. "It’s a miracle, it’s God," she said with a laugh. "It’s not easy, but its possible. It is just a matter of keeping your priorities straight. Keeping God first and my family knowing that they come right after that."

Ashley and Alvin III, are already showing blushes of artistic talent, both in acting and music. Even thouhg they come from an extraordinary musical family, CeCe said there is no pressure for them to follow in her footsteps. No matter what career they choose, she will be happy as long as they are following God’s call. "I just want them to be in the Lord," she said.

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"If they are in the Lord, then they won’t they won’t have any problems from me." The children both travel with mom as often as they can; though she said it is getting more difficult as they are getting older.

Of course, CeCe isn’t raising this active family by herself. She gets a lot of support from her husband, who always travels with her, and her home church, which offers a safe haven in the midst of the storms of her busy life. "It is so important to have a church home, a place where you can go to get rehoned and refocused," she said. "I have that place where I can go to cry out and where I can get prayed for. Without God’s people and the prayers of the saints, I could not do what I do."

So what’s next for this accomplished artist and devoted mother? Touring is definitely in her plans, but with the faith that characterizes everything she does, CeCe admits that she doesn’t really know what will come after that. "We always ask God to show us His plan, but he shows us just a little at a time," she said. "I just want him to lead and guide me."

Copyright © 1998 The Parable Group. All rights reserved.


(CeCe Winans, Madeline Stone)

When I promised you, you could trust in me
I meant every word that I said
You know I understand what you're going through
You don't have to face the night all by yourself


Just Come
Come to me
It hurts me when you cry I won't leave you alone
When you need a hand to hold
I will be there I'll always care

Sometimes the world can be such a lonely place
and you don't feel you're where you belong
it's in those times I wish you would talk to me
'cause if you're weak my love will make you strong

Repeat Chorus

What matters now is the love we share
let's pick up the pieces and go on from here
grab hold to me
and I'll set you free

Repeat Chorus

Just Come
I will be there, I'll always care

(Lauryn Hill)

The world is moving much too fast
mother's have kids they out last
young men think it's hard to pass, this way

Everybody's tryin' hard
to find a world in a life that's flawed
When each one should be thanking God
all the way.


I want to see you on that day,
On that day
On that day
You know I want to see you on that day
On that day
On that day

We're chasing worldly vanity
some of us living in insanity
forgetting our humanity with no way

Break the bonds that tie your flesh
without Him then life is death
only He will not transgress
(there's no way)
open up your heart and know
our debts were paid for long ago
and love is all we really owe
(for a way)

Repeat Chorus

(Diane Warren)

When You can't find your way through the night
When you've lost touch and nothing's feeling right
You can't find that path that leads you home
You don't know which road, which road to choose
That's when you've got to


Listen with your heart
Listen to your soul
Inside you'll find the answer
to take you to the place you need to go
Listen with your heart
Listen and your heart will let you know
No matter where you are
The truth is never far
Just listen and your heart will lead you home

And when this world has got your mind confused
Feels like your faith has just run out on you
You can find that faith inside your soul
The strength you need lies deep, lies deep in you
That's why you've got to

Repeat Chorus

We all lose our way sometimes
We all lose our faith sometimes
But if you just believe and just be strong
Trust your heart
Your heart won't do you wrong
Your heart won't do you wrong

Repeat Chorus

(Jamie Houston, Brock Walsh)

It's hard to know what to say
We've said so much that we regret
What a price that we pay
When we can't forgive much less forget

The more I hear the more I fear
That we may lose each other


Can we skip to the part
where we come to our senses
Before we go too far
Love shouldn't be so hard
Can we open our hearts
Drop our defenses
Find where forgiveness starts
Let's stop where we are
And skip to the healing part

I can't recall what it was
That got this whole thing started
When anger grows like it does
and respect can get discarded

Every day that we wait
Something good is dying

Repeat Chorus

(CeCe Winans, Cedric & Victor Caldwell)

Every time I feel the spirit
movin in my heart I will pray
Every time I feel the spirit
movin in my heart I will pray

Time to escape all of your pain
leave all your worries never to find again
I know a safe place you can hide
where only love and peace will abide


Come on everybody feel the spirit it feels good
Lift your head clap your hands and feel joy leap for it
Come on everybody feel the spirit it feels good
Its yours its free go ahead and dance and jump in

A great place to go, designed with you in mind
So don't be a stranger, you can live there all the time
In order to get there, you don't have to travel far
Pray without ceasing and it will come where you are

Repeat Chorus

Come on everybody

Zulu translations
Helele Mama Helele Mama- South African celebration chants
Woza- come
Moya- Spirit
Oyingzwele- Holy
Uyawuzw'umoya- Do you feel the spirit?
O Helele O Ham - (5 times) celebration dance chants

(CeCe Winans, Cedric & Victor Caldwell)

Since the beginning you know
He's been with you
You were raised in the church
So you know I'm telling the truth
Living like you don't know right from wrong
Telling yourself you're OK
God's word is always right
Just admit you left the way
But I'm here to tell you
It doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been
Just fall on your knees confess
And he will forgive your sins


Come on back home
You've been away too long
God has been good to you
He brought you through and through
Why can't you see the signs
We're living at the end
Jesus is coming soon
Don't wait too late my friend

Just surrender and stop the fight
Go ahead and throw in the towel
Why run from love any longer
When you're almost out of time
Let Him restore you
And break up the fallow ground
All power is in His hand
To turn your whole life around
Can't you hear his voice
Calling out your name
The choice is yours, remember
You don't have to be the same

Repeat Chorus

Please don't ignore
The knocking at your door
Let him in your heart
He'll forget the past
And give a fresh new start
And this time hold on
Don't let him, don't let him don't let him go
Cause he wants to wash you,
And fill you, and heal you, and love you, like he did before

(Tommy Sims)

With all of my heart I know I could love you
But with all of my soul I'm driftin' away
And with all of my mind I know you can save me from
myself, and anything else

With all of my strength I wanna reach out for you
With every breath, call out your name
With every step I just wanna turn around and say
Make it okay


But I'm so afraid you've forgiven one too many times
And I'm so afraid to give my heart again
Just to have a change of mind
And I'm not quite sure that you can trust me
And I would hate to have you find me again
Driftin' away like the wind

With all of my heart I know I disappointed you
And although I'm real sorry I don't know how to say this time
But if I were to lose you I know, I know I'd go completely
Out of my mind, but I'm running out of time

Repeat Chorus

It blows and nobody knows where it's goin' to
(Like the wind)
It blows and nobody knows what it's gonna do
(Like the wind)
At night you can hear it cry as the teardrops fall
From Heaven's eyes and somehow you know it's true
These tears that fall could be fallin' for you

(CeCe Winans, Sylvia Bennett-Smith, Deconzo Smith)

There you go again- Slippin'
Doin' that thing you said you'd never do again
You're hearing me call your name- you're hidin'
But I know just where you are
So close and yet so far

B section

Turn around and see the miles you've come
Do you really wanna go back just to start again
Oh my friend
I can't bare to see you go out that way
Don't make the mistake in letting go
Don't be afraid I'm here
Hold on to me- you're slippin'


Pretendin' everything is okay
In front of the crowd- your smilin'
But soon after everyone's gone, you're all alone
You're not fine- you're slippin'
Take off the mask with me
I see your heart, it's hurting
If you wanna stay with me, I need honesty
Don't play with me- You're slippin'

Can't make it on your own- stop tryin'
I've got the power to keep you from fallin'
If I could just have the chance- to show you
What real happiness is like
Together we'll win the fight

Repeat B-Section

Repeat Chorus

(CeCe Winans, Keith Crouch, John "Jubu" Smith)

I am the one, yes I created
the whole universe
Greater that anything in heaven
and in all the earth
It's my air you breathe so I'm the one
that you should please and
I am the one you need
Why should you be alone?


I am that I am I'm all that you need
I can, yes I can, no it ain't too hard for me
Do you know, do you know do you really believe?
Everyday, every night of your life
I am

It hurts my heart indeed
to see those whom I love in need
Knowing all, I wonder why they never call on me
If you just ask than I can satisfy
you with good things and
I'll give you everything
Yes, you can have it all

I tell the sun to rise
The wind to blow
The rain to fall
I move the mountains, and the oceans
rivers great and small
Yes everything I've made I want to
hear them give me praise and
especially you my children, each and every day

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

(Tommmy Sims)

Where there is grief, there will be hope
And if ever a hand is in need, know that I'll be holdin' on
Know that the peace that comes from above
is the same everlasting love

Remember me whenever you're all alone
And if it helps you to sleep know that I'll be looking on
Know that the peace that you dream of
is the same everlasting love

You know I've watched you carry all this weight upon your shoulders
As if no one understands what you go through
But with all the might in you
believe what I say is true
When I say that I will never ever leave you. or forsake you

So you just reach out as far as you can
Should the whole world just stare in disbelief
know that I'll take hold of your hand
What your heart feels, is what you sing of
Is the same everlasting love

Everlasting love, Everlasting love

When the darkness filled the urgent sky
and the tears welled up in the corners of my eye
and the sun wouldn't shine for the pourin' rain
Wondered if I'd ever see daylight again

When the stars protest at the moon's refrain
and I told myself I'd surely go insane
and the earth kept turnin' at an alarmin' pace
and I couldn't talk my heart out of joinin' the race

I remember a time I couldn't close my eyes
I would lie awake dispairin', don't know how many nights
Afraid to death that my chest would give way to the fear
Pulled the covers to my head and I cupped my ears

In attempt to escape the deafening sounds of silence
In attempt to escape these constant visions of violence
And with death as close as it could possibly get
heard a voice in the distance sayin' CeCe not yet
Then suddenly the darkness gave away to the light
and I threw off the covers as I closed my eyes
just in time to feel your spirit grip my body like a glove
and I knew in that moment that it was your.
that it was your everlasting, lasting love
I said it was your everlasting love

Yesterday and today, forever more it will remain
Even now it's still the same, cause my love will never change

Know that the peace that comes from above
is the same everlasting love…

(CeCe Winans, Tony Rich)

Everybody's lookin' for a peace that flows
And everybody wants a place to go
Nobody wants to kneel and pray
So nobody sees results without faith

When someone falls along the wayside
and everybody knows why
Another heart sadly broken
I'm here to help, no need to cry


Everybody needs someone to love
Everybody wants some hand to hold
Everybody needs salvation for the soul
So what about you?

Everybody wants to live life good
Does anybody live the way they should
It's never too late to turn around
Cause everyone lost can be found

So when your feeling so alone
Don't think that you can't come home
And when you want to be held close
My arms are yours so let me know

Repeat Chorus

Just reach out and let me touch you
Give you strength
through your night
Close your eyes
and rest your head on my shoulders
and I'll make it right

Repeat Chorus

(Chaka Blackmon, Stephen Brown, Eric Dawkins, Tynetta Hare)

Times are harder now
Sometimes I feel I can't make it
in this world, on my own
So hard to see my direction
But you gave me something to help me be strong


You gave me joy yes you did, yes you did, yes you did
You are my peace of mind oh, ooo, oh
You are my light, yes you are, yes you are
And now for you Lord, I live my life, oh Lord

At last my horizons are sunny
My pain has been erased, a new outlook, a brighter day
Since you smiled down on my spirit
all my burdens washed away, I'm born again, blessed and saved

Repeat Chorus

With every heart felt melody and every song I sing
and every song of praise, I sing to you
Something stirs inside of me
It's the love you have for me
That is why I dedicate my life to you

Repeat Chorus

(CeCe Winans, Keith Crouch, John "Jubu" Smith)

Times are harder now
then they've ever been before
(Don't be discouraged)
So much hurt and pain
that it seems so hard to bare
(You gotta remember)

Faith is the only thing
that you can count on
Stand on His promises
that you may be strong

I'm here to let you know
there's always hope for you and me
In spite of what it feels like


Well, alright
Keepin' your head up high no matter cause
It's alright
Believing a change gon' come today or even tonight
And He's gonna answer every little prayer
Just hold on, wait and see, you know it's gonna be alright.

Crying all night long
feeling like you're so alone
(But don't you worry)
Cause season's have to change
It won't always be this way (so just remember)

Love is the only key
that opens every door
Releases everything
All that you need and more
I've got to let you know
there's always hope for you and me
In spite of what it seems like

Repeat Chorus

There's so much life
to live for
Joy and happiness in store

There's so much more
you can be
But you gotta ask and you'll receive
Alright, Alright, Alright

Repeat Chorus


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