Come Together

(CD - Nov 2001)
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Captured on DVD, the pure rock enthusiasm of the Come Together tour! Reaching more than 300,000 people nationwide and raising over $228,000 for the Third Day Habitat for Humanity fund, Come Together started as napkin scribbles in a warehouse and morphed into one of the most innovative, technologically advanced shows in the industry.


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  • Title: Come Together
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  • Release Date: Nov 06, 2001
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  • Awards: 2002 Grammy Awards (Gospel) (Winner - Rock Gospel Album)
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Making The Music

Come Together is the culmination of a lengthy period of recording, touring and soul-searching in which Third Day converted a loft-style office in an unfinished, suburban building into a makeshift recording studio, allowing the band enormous amounts of creative freedom. The group outfitted the room’s hardwood floors, brick walls and high ceilings with wall rugs, atmospheric lighting and a ton of recording equipment, disabled a nagging buzz, and made the place a veritable home for a month, beginning in September 2000.

“When we first set it up, we felt like we had accomplished something before we ever played any music,” bass player Tai Anderson recalls.

That sense of accomplishment only grew as the album developed. With unlimited studio time, they took creative liberties and fleshed out many of the songs spontaneously, resulting in a creative step forward. Come Together uses sophisticated counter-harmonies and a loose-but-unified rhythmic base to communicate messages ranging from spiritual appreciation to tribulation.

“I think the songs are better,” lead singer Mac Powell enthuses. “We stepped out of our comfort zone a little bit musically. Everyone always says their new record is their best, but I really feel that.”

Part of the album’s artistic success derived from an unplanned development in Third Day’s career. The group released a partially live project, Offerings—A Worship Album, in July 2000, and backed it with a small concert tour. Its overt Christian message gained huge, immediate support, propelling the band to its first gold album. Instead of finishing Come Together for release in the summer of 2001, they re-tooled their plans, to capitalize on the excitement.

“We did this frantic, quick booking of a spring 2001 tour, which turned out to be our most successful tour ever,” drummer David Carr says, “so it held everything back. But I think it was a good thing. It helped us be able to sit on the music for a while and see what we needed.”

Ultimately, they decided the album could be improved by swapping out several songs, so they booked time in one of Atlanta’s landmark studios, Southern Tracks, and cut three more: the bristling “Get On,” the thoughtful “Show Me Your Glory” and the soulful “I Got You”—all of which made the final cut.

The album also benefited from the observant view of producer Monroe Jones, whose patience and enthusiasm resulted in a series of inspired performances.

“His thing isn’t all technique and perfection,” Carr says. “It’s like capture the moment.”

Find out more about Third Day here.

About The Band

The moments, and the momentum, have built slowly but steadily for Third Day since the group’s evolution began a decade ago. Powell and Lee first started working together in 1991, after meeting in high school. By the beginning of 1993, Carr and Anderson came on board, and in 1995, Brad Avery joined Lee as the band’s guitarists.

Instead of aggressively chasing the big time, Third Day atypically—and unwittingly—let the music industry reach out to them. The group pitched itself for bookings only three times during its developmental years, and each occasion led to a series of regular appearances. When the band first headed into a recording studio, it had no intention of making a demo tape for a record company; the guys merely wanted cassettes to sell at their concerts.

In short order, their efforts netted a record deal, and they set about making albums that established a unique core sound, built around Powell’s earthy vocal texture, though they doggedly avoided repetition in their albums. Following their self-titled debut in 1996, Conspiracy No. 5 experimented with hard modern rock textures in 1997, while 1999’s Time rediscovered the band’s inherent Southern roots.

Along the way, they garnered a substantial amount of attention, with 15 #1 singles, eight Dove awards, and three Grammy nominations. In addition, they scored major press from CNN, NBC’s “Today” show, Billboard, US magazine, CCM magazine, The Dallas Morning News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Minneapolis Star and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, among others. They even wrote and performed a song for Coca-Cola.

They also formed a coalition of sorts with many of their fellow performers, joining such acts as Jars of Clay, Caedmon’s Call, Sixpence None The Richer and The Newsboys, among others, with the 2000 album City on a Hill, a music community project in which numerous acts came together in worship.

The praise songs of Third Day’s Offerings, intended as a side project for the group’s most ardent fans, solidified the group’s presence. That album preceded their momentous night at the Doves, a victory accompanied by a heightened profile, which the band is only beginning to feel.

“I always thought there’s the mainstream Christian music scene, and here we are off over to the side doing our own thing,” Lee explains. “As soon as you win Artist of the Year, it means you’re right at the forefront of what’s going on in Christian music, so I think we realized then that it’s a cool thing. But it’s also this responsibility, because people are looking at us to see what we do next, and it can really shape where Christian music goes, as far as reaching more toward people that didn’t grow up in the church. So I think we have a responsibility to do some things that maybe aren’t the popular thing. Because we’ve been put in this position, we should do some things to try to influence Christian music.”

Third Day’s approach to its music is a model in communication and teamwork. Many bands, if not most, start out as a democracy, only to implode when one or two members commandeer the group’s direction. Third Day started with a democratic mindset that has only increased over time. The songwriting credits have become more evenly distributed as the group has developed, and the individual players consistently set aside personal aspirations for the betterment of the larger unit. That ideal is exemplified by its two primary guitarists, Lee and Avery, who blend so naturally that months after the completion of Come Together, they weren’t able to determine who played which guitar parts.

“You pick your spots to make a little noise, put a little signature thing here or there, but the idea is the collective whole,” Avery insists. “That’s the idea of music, in a band: You have to listen to everybody else.”

“We’re in a totally exciting place for a band. This is what we do, but it’s exciting. We’re excited about going forward, we’re excited about the future,” Anderson adds.

Find out more about Third Day’s 2001 release Come Together here.



Come Together  Essential Records (November 6, 2001)
Offerings – A Worship Album  Essential Records 2000 (RIAA Certified Gold)
Time  Essential Records 1999
Conspiracy No. 5  Reunion Records 1997
Third Day  Reunion Records 1996

Video / DVD

  • "Third Day Live In Concert – The Offerings Experience" video/DVD from 2001 "Offerings" tour
  • "Your Love, Oh Lord" video from Time
  • "You Make Me Mad" video from Conspiracy No. 5
  • "Consuming Fire" video from Third Day

Radio – Fifteen #1 Singles

  • "These Thousand Hills"
  • "Praise Song"
  • "Nothing At All"
  • "Your Love Oh Lord"
  • "I’ve Always Loved You"
  • "Took My Place"
  • "Sky Falls Down"
  • "What Good"
  • "You Make Me Mad"
  • "Agnus Dei"
  • "Alien"
  • "Forever"
  • "My Hope Is You"
  • "Blackbird"
  • "Who I Am"

Awards and Accolades

  • Career Sales Approaching 2 Million Records

    2001  Offerings certified Gold by the RIAA
    2001  5 Dove Awards/9 nominations to lead the list of winners and nominees:
  • Artist of the Year Dove Award
  • Group of the Year Dove Award
  • Praise and Worship Album of the Year (Offerings) Dove Award
  • Rock Recorded Song of the Year ("Sky Falls Down"- Time) Dove Award
  • Special Event Album of the Year (City On A Hill: Songs Of Worship And Praise) Dove Award
  • Male Vocalist of the Year (Mac Powell) Dove Nomination
  • Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song ("God of Wonders"- City On A Hill) Dove Nomination
  • 2001  Grammy Award Nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album (Offerings – A Worship Album)
    2000  Dove Award for Rock Album Of The Year (Time)
    2000  Offerings receives title for longest running No.1 project from any artist or group as reported by SoundScan on Top Christian Albums chart
    2000  Dove Award Nominations for Group Of The Year, Song Of The Year ("I’ve Always Loved You"), and Rock Song Of The Year ("Took My Place")
    2000  Grammy Award Nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album (Time)
    1999  Time Debuts at No. 1 on four SoundScan charts including "Top 50 Albums" and "Top Christian Albums" charts
    1999  Dove Award Nomination for Rock Recorded Song of the Year ("Agnus Dei"- Exodus)
    1998  Grammy Award Nomination for Best Rock Gospel Record (Conspiracy #5)
    1998  Dove Awards for Rock Album of the Year (Conspiracy #5) and Rock Song of the Year ("Alien")
    1997  Dove Award Nomination for New Artist of the Year
    1996  Billboard Video Award for Best Contemporary Christian New Artist Video for "Consuming Fire"

    Significant Press

    • CNN and NBC’s Today Show
    • Cover and feature stories in Billboard, CCM Magazine, Campus Life, Release Magazine, Guidepost for Teens, Amusement Business, Breakaway, 7 Ball, GMA Today, Youthworker Journal, Charisma,, CDNow, HM Magazine and many others
    • Featured in April 1998 US Magazine article on Christian music
    • Features and reviews in major market daily newspapers, including Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dallas Morning News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Nashville Tennessean, Indianapolis Star, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and others

    Tours and Performances

    • "Come Together" Tour with special guest Bebo Norman in development for Spring 2002
    • Winter/ Spring 2001 32-city extension of "Offerings Tour" by popular demand
    • 15,000+ people attend Atlanta "Offerings Tour" concert, sponsored by House of Blues, Inc. Event recorded
    • Fall 2000 Headlined a 16-city "Offerings Tour"
    • Spring 2000 Headlined a 50-city Third Day/Jennifer Knapp Tour
    • Fall 1999 Headlined a 40-city "Time" Tour
    • Fall 1997 and Spring 1998 Headlined "Conspiracy Tour"
    • Spring 1997 40-city Tour with Newsboys and Plankeye
    • Wrote and Performed Coca-Cola Radio Advertisement, "Always - Third Day"
    • Performed on the 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2001 Dove Awards

  • Lyrics

    Come Together
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    You can all call me crazy
    For the things that I might say
    You can laugh all you want to
    I know there will come a day
    When we all will come together
    And learn to set aside our hate
    If we could learn to love our neighbors
    Just like we would love ourselves

    We've got to come together
    'Cause in the end we can make it -- alright
    We've got to brave the weather
    Through all of the storms
    We've got to come together
    'Cause in the end we can make it -- alright
    We've got to learn to love

    You can call me a dreamer
    But these dreams will come true
    Yes, I am a firm believer
    In the things that we can do
    If we would all just come together
    And let the Lord lead our way
    There is nothing that we can't do
    There is nothing we can't face


    And I know that there will come a day
    When the Lord will call His own away
    To a place that He has made for all of us
    But until the day of His return
    There's a lesson that we've got to learn
    We are brothers and we're sisters
    We are one


    40 Days
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    Here I am at what feels like the end
    And so I come to You, my Lord, again
    With this burden buried deep within
    This heart that You have made
    In this trial that I’m going through
    And I don’t question ‘cause I know it’s true
    That the sorrow brings me back to You
    And You have made me stronger

    It’s been forty days and forty nights
    Down the road of many trials
    And I pray it’s only for a season
    ‘Cause in the wilderness and in the flood
    You’re the one I’m thinking of
    ‘Cause I know You’ve brought me for a reason

    I have one more thing I’ve got to say
    Before they try to take my life away
    Let it be known that I am not afraid
    Let Your will be done, Lord


    Show Me Your Glory
    Words and music by Mark Lee, Marc Byrd, and Third Day

    I caught a glimpse of your splendor
    In the corner of my eye
    The most beautiful thing I've ever seen
    And it was like a flash of lightning Reflected off the sky
    And I know I'll never be the same

    Show me your glory
    Send down your presence
    I wanna see your face
    Show me your glory
    Majesty shines about you
    I can't go on without you, Lord

    When I climb down the mountain
    And get back to my life
    I won't settle for ordinary things
    I'm gonna follow you forever
    And for all of my days
    I won't rest 'til I see you again


    Get On
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    So you think you had me
    Had me in your sights
    I’ve got news for you
    I’m working over time
    To get away from slander
    To stay away from lies
    I won’t listen to you criticize

    Get on, get on, get on away from me
    If you’re trying to bring me down
    If you’re trying to bring me down
    Get on, get on, get on away from me
    If you’re trying to bring me down
    If you’re trying to bring me down

    I’ve been doing some thinking
    And I think you’re wrong
    For trying to put down
    What I’ve been working on
    So if you want to break me
    You better stay away
    I won’t listen, no
    I won’t listen to you today


    Excuse me if I still question
    Carefully all of your intentions
    I've decided that I won't listen
    Because your words only bring division


    My Heart
    Words by Brad Avery / Music by Third Day

    I paint a picture, I think it's easier to live that way
    But my heart is really broken
    I'm not the man you think I am when you see me each day
    Torn apart and then left open

    Father come and fill me up
    I can't wait for You to overflow my cup

    My heart makes me wonder how much longer
    'Til You're coming back to take me away
    My heart longs for You to fly right through the sky
    And take me to the place where I
    will never feel my heart break down again

    I search the sky and then I try imagining You there
    Looking on anticipating
    You're standing by and knowing I will join you in the air
    Until then I'll be here waiting


    It’s Alright
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    Your letter said that you were leaving
    But you didn’t know how long
    I have never stopped believing
    That one day you would return
    And though the waiting is the hardest
    Part of everything I do
    I do confess it’s getting better
    Knowing I will be with you

    It’s alright
    It’s okay
    I won’t worry about tomorrow
    For it brings me one more day
    Closer than I was to you

    Now the question isn’t “will you”
    What I want to know is “when”
    If it’s one day or a million
    I will wait for you ‘til then
    So I’m holding on to your words
    And the promises you’ve made
    There is not one you have broken
    There’s not one I didn’t take


    Your letter said that you were leaving
    But you didn’t know how long
    I will never stop believing
    I know one day you will return

    CHORUS 2x

    Still Listening
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    There was a time when I thought that I had You figured out
    I told You before and I’ll say once more
    Now and then I have my doubts
    I’ll never pretend to know what You are doing
    It’s true that You move in mysterious ways

    I looked for You in
    The fire and the wind
    But You weren’t there as far as I could see
    I thought I’d hear You shout
    But then I figured it out
    That all along You’re whispering to me
    And I’m still listening

    Just when I thought that I had caught a glimpse of who You are
    You taught me a lesson I needed to learn
    Right from the very start
    I never will be the man that I quite need to
    But that’s alright ‘cause You’re enough for me


    I Got You
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    What kind of song do you want to sing for me?
    Is it slow or is it rock and roll?
    What kind of day do you want to bring to me?
    Rain or shine, I would be just fine

    ‘Cause I’ve got everything I need
    I got everything
    I got everything

    I got you and you’re putting it all together
    And it doesn’t get any better as far as I can tell
    I got you right now and ever after
    And it doesn’t even really matter
    That I’ve got nothing else
    ‘Cause I got you

    Where do I go when I want to know the truth?
    It isn’t me, well it’s only you
    When will I know what you have for me to do?
    Is it now or is it coming soon?


    Be it pleasure, be it pain
    I’m ready for whatever
    Whatever life may bring
    ‘Cause I know that in the end
    Everything works together
    For the good of those who love Him


    I Don’t Know
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    Cannot find the words to say I’m sorry
    Don’t know how to show you I was wrong
    Wasted all that you had given to me
    Now I’m left with nothing and no one
    And I find it’s my fault
    I’m the only one to blame
    For the tears and the pain

    I don’t know what I can say
    Or would it matter anyway
    ‘Cause I don’t know how you could still forgive me
    For all that I have put you through
    Is there anything that I can do
    I would give my life to find your mercy

    All my life has lead to this decision
    To return and ask you this one thing
    And if I had one chance or if a million
    Would it ever be enough for me
    To explain what I’ve done
    Now I know that I was wrong
    Will you hold me again


    That will it take until you forgive me
    I don’t know

    And I find it’s my fault
    I’m the only one to blame
    For the tears and the pain


    What will it take until you forgive me
    Oh Lord, will I find that you have already
    I don’t know

    When The Rain Comes
    Words by Mark Lee / Music by Third Day

    When the rain comes it seems that everyone has gone away
    When the night falls you wonder if you shouldn't find someplace
    To run and hide
    Escape the pain
    But hiding's such a lonely thing to do

    I can't stop the rain
    From falling down on you again
    I can't stop the rain
    But I will hold you 'til it goes away

    When the rain comes you blame it on the things that you have done
    When the storm fades you know that rain must fall on everyone
    So Rest awhile
    It'll be alright
    No one loves you like I do


    When the rain comes
    I will hold you

    Sing Praises
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    Sing praises to our God, sing praises
    Sing praises to our King, sing praises
    Let all the nations sing
    Let all the nations sing of His love
    Oh, sing praises

    So shout for joy all of His children
    Yea shout for joy all of His children
    Let all the people sing
    Let all the people sing of His love
    Oh, sing praises

    For You are God and You are worthy
    Of all our lives and all our praise
    And so we sing to the Most Holy
    The Lord, our God
    The Lord, our King

    Sing praises to our God, sing praises
    Sing praises to our King, sing praises
    For He alone is God
    For He alone is worthy of praise
    Oh, sing praises


    Nothing Compares
    Words by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day

    I’ve heard all the stories
    I’ve seen all the signs
    Witnessed all the glory
    Tasted all that’s fine

    Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing You, Lord
    Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing You, Lord

    I see all the people
    Wasting all their time
    Building up their riches
    For a life that’s fine


    I find myself just living for today
    ‘Cause I don’t know what
    Tomorrow’s gonna bring
    So no matter if I rise or fall
    I’ll never be alone, oh no


    About The Album


    The idea is simple, but its application is incredibly difficult.

    Unity is a basic tenet in the rise of Third Day, the Gospel Music Association’s Artist of the Year. It also provides an underlying plank in the creation of Come Together, whose title is far more profound than the band anticipated when it started planning the album more than 18 months before its release.

    While Come Together reflects Third Day’s cooperative environment, the band humbly wishes the larger church could adopt a continuously unified spirit, similar to the one demonstrated by the American culture in the wake of September’s terrorism.

    “We came up with this ‘come together’ idea maybe a year-and-a-half ago,” guitarist Mark Lee reflects, “but after that, to see the election last year, and see how divided this country was afterward, I just think it’s a really fitting title for the time that we’re in right now.”

    Come Together also fits the current period of Third Day’s career. The band’s creative ideals and commercial appeal have come together at the same time, with the five-piece ensemble progressing from an underdog in the Christian marketplace to a significant force. The band’s ceaseless work ethic and unwavering desire to make a difference earned fierce recognition at the 2001 Dove Awards, where the Atlanta-based act racked up five trophies, becoming the first band in two decades to win both Artist of the Year and Group of the Year. At the same time, after veering between modern rock, pop, Southern rock and praise & worship music on its previous albums, Third Day’s diverse influences all combined in a cohesive musical melting pot on this album.

    “It’s the coming together of all the different identities that we’ve had,” Lee says, “all summed up in this one project.”

    Come Together unifies not only the hearts, minds and spirits of Third Day, but also the multiple styles that have represented the band’s recorded past: tuneful, edgy sounds in the title track, cagey pop in “My Heart,” Southern rock shades—crossed with a Rolling Stones/Black Crowes flavor—in “Still Listening,” and worshipful attitudes in the obviously titled “Sing Praises.”

    “Come together: that’s the essence of what being a band is about,” Anderson says. “It’s the five of us, plus the huge support team of 50-plus people. We go out and do our own things. We go to our own houses; we have our own families; we have five different personalities and five different denominational backgrounds and perspectives on life. But when we come together as a band, it’s something special.”

    Get a behind the scenes look at how Come Together was recorded here.


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