Romans: Seeing the World Through God's Eyes

(Paperback - Aug 1995)
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If you could look at the heart of humanity through the eyes of God, what would you see? Paul's letter to the Romans offers just such a perspective. It is a piercing analysis of a fallen world and of God's infinitely wise plan for its redemption. Studying Romans will show you the incredible scope of what God accomplished through Christ. You will discover faith's key role. You will learn how your new identity in Christ frees you from sin to serve God gladly. And you will come to see the church, the world, and yourself in a new way -- through God's eyes.


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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter One

Study 1 The Gospel Truth

Romans 1:1-17

In recognition of your excellent performance, we'd like to give you a promotion and a raise."

"The biopsy was negative."

"Congratulations! You're the parents of a healthy baby boy."

"Your test scores were the best in the whole class."

"The war is over."

Good news seems to be in short supply these days. Perhaps that is why, when we hear some, it is so welcome and uplifting.

The book of Romans begins with the announcement of the best news of all: the "gospel," God's good news.

1. Describe briefly a recent instance of good news in your life.

How did you react?

2. Read Romans 1:1. If gospel literally means "good news," what does verse 1 suggest about the message Paul is going to deliver?

3. Apostle means "one sent with a message." Christians in Rome would also have understood it to mean a person with the authority to speak for God and to give leadership to the church. How does Paul's introduction of himself in verse 1 prepare readers for the gospel?

4. In his brief summary of the gospel (vv. 2-5), what are the important points about this good news that Paul chooses to include?

5. According to verse 5, does obedience produce faith, or does faith produce obedience? What difference does this distinction make?

6. How do you think the Romans' calling is similar to Paul's (v. 6)?

What difference does it make that God's calling includes you?

How does knowing that God has a special assignment for you affect your goals, your priorities, your values, and your lifestyle?

7. Based on verses 8-13, how would you describe Paul's attitude toward the Roman Christians?

8. What "spiritual gift" can one Christian give to another (v. 11)?

9. Why would Paul, a well-educated Jew, describe his mission the way he does in verses 14-15?

Why might he feel obligated to emphasize this point?

10. What about his situation might tempt Paul to be "ashamed" of the gospel (v. 16)?

Why does he emphasize its power for everyone?

11. What tempts you to be less than eager to tell others about the gospel?

12. What evidences have you seen that the gospel is "the power" of God?

13. The word salvation has two aspects: (a) spiritual wholeness and healing in this life, and (b) eternity with God in the life to come. Which aspect has been more important to you recently?

14. Where does righteousness come from, according to verse 17?

How is this different from a person "trying to be good enough" for God?

15. Elsewhere in the Bible, faith is defined as "believing that God exists, and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him" (Hebrews 11:6). How does that kind of faith affect the way you face the events in your life this week?

Memory Verse

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. -Romans 1:16

Between Studies

Write a brief letter to an imaginary or real friend that explains why you are a Christian and why you would like that person to be a Christian, too.



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