Payment and Security

Payment Options

We accept American Express, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. At this time we are only able to accept credit card orders. We do not accept check or Money Orders.

Encryption and Secure Ordering:
Shopping online is safe, easy and secure.

Our site offers secure ordering for any customer whose internet browser supports it, which includes all modern browsers. Our order process uses a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) which protects your credit card and order information while it travels across the Internet to us. This means that your browser and our server communicate via a SSL connection. Your credit card remains encrypted the entire time. We do not keep credit card numbers after the order is authorized.

How do you know your browser is in Secure Mode?
Any browser in secure mode will display a site address beginning "https://" rather than the standard "http://". When you see the "s," you know your browser is in secure mode.

In addition, most browsers indicate SSL encryption by displaying a specific icon. In Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you'll see a padlock symbol in the lower left corner of your browser window when the browser is in secure mode.