Triple Shot
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Triple Shot

MXPX Compact Disc

  • UPC: 5099908482723
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Track Name Preview
1. Anywhere But Here
2. Weak
3. Want Ad
4. Realize
5. Think Twice
6. Unopposed
7. The Aspect
8. Ears To Hear
9. Bad Hair Day
10. Too Much Thinking
11. Pxpx
12. Time Brings Change
13. Jars Of Clay
14. High Standards
15. Another Song About T.V.
16. Twisted Words
17. Walking Bye
18. No Room
19. Jay Jay's Song
20. One Way Window
21. Dead End
1. Sugercoated Poison Apple (Teenage Politics Album Versio
2. Do And Don't (Teenage Politics Album Version)
3. Teenage Politics (Teenage Politics Album Version)
4. Punk Rawk Show (Teenage Politics Album Version)
5. The Opposite Of Intellect (Teenage Politics Album Versi
6. False Fiction (Teenage Politics Album Version)
7. Falling Down (Teenage Politics Album Version)
8. Money Tree (Teenage Politics Album Version)
9. Rainy Day (Teenage Politics Album Version)
10. Like Sands Thru The Hourglass...So Are The Days Of Our
11. Democracy (Teenage Politics Album Version)
12. Something More (Teenage Politics Album Version)
13. Different Things (Teenage Politics Album Version)
14. Misunderstanding (Teenage Politics Album Version)
15. Study Humans (Teenage Politics Album Version)
16. Inquiring Minds Want To Know (Teenage Politics Album Ve
17. I'm The Bad Guy (Teenage Politics Album Version)
18. Americanism (Teenage Politics Album Version)
19. Delores (My Girl Hates The IRA) (Teenage Politics Album
1. Middlename (Life In General Album Version)
2. My Mom Still Cleans My Room (Life In General Album Vers
3. Do Your Feet Hurt (Life In General Album Version)
4. Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself (Life In General Alb
5. The Wonder Years (Life In General Album Version)
6. Move To Bremerton (Critter Version) (3:35)
7. New York To Nowhere (Life In General Album Version)
8. Andrea (Life In General Album Version)
9. Your Problem My Emergency (Life In General Album Versio
10. Chick Magnet (Life In General Album Version)
11. Today Is In My Way (Life In General Album Version)
12. Sorry So Sorry (Life In General Album Version)
13. Doing Time (Life In General Album Version)
14. Correct Me If I'm Wrong (Life In General Album Version)
15. Christalena (Life In General Album Version)
16. Destroyed By You (Life In General Album Version)
17. Southbound (Life In General Album Version)
Format    Compact Discs
Language    English
Publication Date    03/18/2016
Abridged    No
Large Print    No
Width    5.6
Height    0.3
Length    4.9
Units    3
UPC    5099908482723
Recorded by    MXPX

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