KJ-52: Collaborations/Behind the Musik/It's Pronounced
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KJ-52: Collaborations/Behind the Musik/It's...


Special three-CD set includes the previously-released "Collaborations," "It's Pronounced 'Five Two,'" and "Behind The Musik."

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Listen Tracklist
Play 1. Leave a Message (Intro)
Play 2. Do That
Play 3. The Choice Is Yours (feat. John Reuben)
Play 4. Rise Up (feat. Rob Beckley and Trevor McNevan)
Play 5. Dear Slim
Play 6. Nursery Rhymes (feat. Playdough)
Play 7. Sonshine (feat. Nirva Dorsaint)
Play 8. Wait for You (feat. Nirva Dorsaint)
Play 9. Revenge of the Nerds (feat. Pigeon John)
Play 10. 5th Element
Play 11. Industry (Spoken Word Interlude)
Play 12. Why (feat. Mars Ill)
Play 13. 47 Emcees (Interlude)
Play 14. ABC's and 1,2,3's (feat. Billy Puddles)
Play 15. Where Were You (feat. Goldinchild)
Play 16. Operator (Outro)
Play 1. Welcome To Five Two's
Play 2. KJ Five Two
Play 3. Whoop Whoop
Play 4. Dear Slim Pt. 2
Play 5. So In Love With You
Play 6. Cartoon Network
Play 7. Rock On (feat. Rob Beckley)
Play 8. Back In The Day
Play 9. Can I Speak With a Manager? (Interlude)
Play 10. Ya Bref Stank
Play 11. 47 Pop Stars
Play 12. Pick Yourself Up (feat. Donnie Lewis)
Play 13. Don't Go
Play 14. Check Yourself
Play 15. Infomercial (Interlude)
Play 16. #1 Fan (feat. Jubilee)
Play 17. I Feel So Good
Play 18. I'm Guilty
Play 19. Outro
Play 20. Gimme Dat
Play 1. Dad:
Play 2. Fivetweezy
Play 3. Are You Real? (feat. Jon Micah Sumrall)
Play 4. Rock With It
Play 5. God (feat. Rebecca St. James)
Play 6. Behind the Musik (feat. Pee Wee)
Play 7. Mom:
Play 8. Thank You
Play 9. Jesus
Play 10. Right Here (feat. Jeremy Camp)
Play 11. Video Games
Play 12. Plain White Rapper
Play 14. Things I Like (feat. Goldinchild)
Play 15. Life After Death
Play 16. Never Look Away (feat. Brynn Sanchez)
Play 17. For the Ladies (feat. Seth Ready)
Play 19. I Can Call On You (feat. Donnie Lewis)
Play 20. Cry No More
Play 21. One
Play 22. He Is All

Special three-CD set includes the previously-released "Collaborations," "It's Pronounced 'Five Two,'" and "Behind The Musik."

Language    English
Publication Date    11/15/2011
Width    5.71
Height    0.27
Length    5.27
Units    3
EAN    5099994908121
Recorded by    KJ-52