Twisted Scriptures
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Twisted Scriptures

Mary Alice Chrnalogar Paperback / Softback

For Someone Else If Youíre Concerned. For Yourself If Youíve Ever Wondered....+

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For Someone Else If Youíre Concerned. For Yourself If Youíve Ever Wondered. You joined your church because of its intensity for God. Like no other place, itís helped you discover the meaning of obedience. Of teachableness. Of death to self. If thereís one problem, itís the confusion that sometimes comes from your own carnal thinking. But God has given you leaders who can lovingly correct a doubting, independent spirit and help you choose Godís best for your life. How can you go wrong with a church like that? Easily. What youíve just read actually fits the profile of many abusive churches. Twisted Scriptures reveals in depth how the Bible can be distorted in ways that rob you of the liberty Jesus died to give you. You might be shocked at what you discover. This book uncovers the subtle but powerful techniques by which, in the name of truth, controlling leaders manipulate and intimidate countless believers. It also supplies tools for overcoming persuasive, deceptive teachings and practices. Thousands of Christians have already moved from struggle to true freedom and hope through Twisted Scriptures. If you truly want to grow in everything God made you to be, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Publication Date    08/13/2000
Pages    304
Width    5.56
Height    8.5
EAN    9780310234081